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Sling Recommendation?

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by NelsonBridwell, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. NelsonBridwell

    NelsonBridwell Copper BB

    New owner of 28" 930 Hunting Field in Walnut.
    Have installed a Nordic Components +6 magazine extension with a barrel clamp and Picatinny rail.

    Would like to add a simple, traditional 2-point sling.

    Because of the magazine extension cap, the standard front attachment is no longer available. Wondering if the hole of the magazine cap or the barrel clamp would make the best front attachment location.

    Would also greatly appreciate specific recommendations for a sling and any required swivel hardware.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Sarge

    Sarge .22LR

    I've got a 22" JMPro with what is obviously an OEM Nordic +4 and barrel clamp. I discovered that extra hole in my barrel clamp is threaded and it happily accepts the front, machine threaded swivel of the Swivel & Stud kits you can buy at WalMart. It makes a handy mounting point for standard QD swivels.


    I bought this shotgun primarily because it has a 22" barrel with screw in chokes. I find that length perfect for an all-around hunting shotgun, but magazine plug requirements make it ridiculous to run an 8-shot tube for bird hunting. So I ripped all that tactical crap off and installed a standard 4 shot spring and mag cap with the onboard swivel. It made the gun much more lively and quick.

    Crappy weather sure makes you appreciate synthetic stocks and rattle can metal finish.

  3. NelsonBridwell

    NelsonBridwell Copper BB

    Thanks! There are several very different options, so I wanted some experienced advice.

    I also asked Nordic about the best attachment point, and they recommended against using the end of the magazine extension. Makes sense, since it would position the end of the barrel below my ears, and the butt close to the ground.

    So I ordered a 2-point sling from Mossberg ...


    and a front swivel stud...


    so I am now set up like your original sling configuration. It works just fine.
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