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Western Washington

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by BigMedicine, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. BigMedicine

    BigMedicine Copper BB

    I finally got my first shotgun and she's a beauty! I joined the forum, broke the piece down several times to clean & lubricate it, bought some cartridges (1 oz slugs, OO buck & #8 shot) and now I'm reqdy to get some trigger-time. I've been into handguns and have had an old 30-30 for many years, so I already have ear & eye protection and a fair assortment of cleaning materials. I diddy-bopped on down to the local range to see how it shoots and guess what...no target shooting with a shotgun allowed! I can shoot trap, skeet & sporting clays, but no target practice on paper targets. I'd like to shoot a few slugs, to see how the point-of-aim relates to the point-of-impact...and some OO buck, to see what the pattern looks like at different distances. Is there anybody in the King/Snohomish County area that can recommend a suitable place? I have a small 4X4 pickup and am thinking of just heading up an old logging road till I find a good spot, but there are a LOT of logging roads around here and I'm not sure where a good spot would be, and where it's OK to shoot. I haven't been up in those hills for many years, as the local range has been more convenient, but it's boring and politics are always a problem. If you've got a favorite spot, but don't want to broadcast it to the world, please pm me. I can keep a secret, I'm considerate and I always clean up after myself and usually bring out a lot more shooting debris than I bring in. Inconsiderate shooters will always get shooting areas closed down, ie: the Sultan Basin. Maybe we can go together, compare notes & equipment and strike up a new aquaintance! Can anybody help a brother out?
  2. Deplorable

    Deplorable .22LR

    Noob reporting from Everett WA. New to shotgun and still not decided if 500 or 590 here. We need more warm bodies in this corner up here lol

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