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I grew up a farm kid. Used to shoot rabbits with my dad's Mossberg 42M(b). After high school I went off the the Navy and picked up a 46M(b) in California. It was in rough shape and I searched around for parts and came up empty. I held on to that rifle and then the internet age began. I have since been able to fully restore my 46M and replace all the missing parts on my dad's 42M.
Earlier this year I was in a small gun shop and spied a 42M in a dark dusty corner. I picked it up and the tag said 25 dollars. So I took it to the front and started talking to the old guy standing there. He didn't know much about these old rifles, so I told him what I knew. He told me to hold on and went in the back. About 15 min later he came out with an original 4X scope with the original mount. Sold me the whole thing for 50 bucks.
I picked up a 15 round mag from Havlin sales and completely disassembled and cleaned the gun.
Both of my old Mossy's are tack drivers. The 46 has a modern mount and a 4-12 X 40 scope sighted in for 200 yards and the 42 with the original 4X scope it sighted in at 100 yards.
I have taught my kids to shoot with the 46M. With and without the scope. My Daughter loves it and now the 42M as well.
Dec 1, 1968 (Age: 55)
Dixon, Il.
Union Carpenter


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