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I have a 183D 410. Looking for a bolt head. Anyone have any ideas? I have searched and searched. Possibly the bolt head is interchangeable with other models of the 183D? Any help appreciated! Also, is there a way to post a picture so I can show what I have?
New owner of SA-20. Looking to learn about basic accessories (sling, red dot for slugs), etc.
I've owned a 151M (b?) many years.
Recently purchased a Mossberg International Gold Reserve 12 g O/U for sporting clays. Curious to hear from other GR owners that have had their guns awhile. I'm shooting about 300 - 350 rounds a month for the last 3 months. So far have seen some visible rust on the receiver end of the barrels and major issues with rust on the chokes making it near impossible to remove them for cleaning.
was reading about your 510 had the same problem found a 12-inch dowel no wonder it wouldn't load