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Hello and hope everyone is well. I am a new member and owner of a Mossberg 930. Never used a forum before so I am excited for this experience
old mossy
old mossy
Welcome. Stop by the "New member welcome" thread and introduce yourself.
Will do
Sick with covid-19 for the last several days. I was hoping I was going to be lucky and just never catch it. It took 2 years but I ended up with it. Oh well it'll pass. It's definitely hampering my abilities to go out and shoot. I have three firearms I've purchased in the last few weeks I haven't fired any of them yet.
Thanks for allowing me to join. Have a 12ga. 500at with serial # G268xxx. Any idea how old it is?
Hello from Houston, TX. New to this forum. Have a Mossberg Maverick 88 in 12 gage, which I very much enjoy.