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    88 vs 590 a1 tactical?

    Lol..I always thought the best part about a stocked weapon was the ability to change that length to anything you wanted with some judicious sanding of whatever material you had on hand or liked the look of, ie, wood, rubber, brass, bubble wrap, who knows, and a couple longer screws to reattach...
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    Question for the Christmas Season

    Good luck with your test..as far as a Dyson, we had the pet version back when we had cats and while it worked good, it WAS heavy. But the thing that bothered me the most was running over a cord or anything really that would stop the brush, would then wreck the plastic gear drive, and require an...
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    pictures that make you lol

    My wife said she is knitting me a scarf to celebrate my upcoming 10th year of retirement…I’m super excited…
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    Question for the Christmas Season

    Yeah, one can never have too many drill bits, though those 2 or 3 hundred bits seem over the top, compared to the 12 paddle bits and 4 step drill bits I’ve been using since retiring. Lol but it makes more sense of the drill press and bit sharpener that came with… and that 110 year old...
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    Question for the Christmas Season

    Lol…tools . Besides having a lifetime accumulation of various hand and power tools, my dad has been giving me chunks of HIS lifetime accumulation of tools the past couple years, to thin out his belongings in anticipation of me having to deal with his estate.. He’ll be 95 in a few weeks so...
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    Behind the door guns ??

    Home defense is never a subject far from the forefront of our daily lives. While I live alone most of the time, the idea of having weapons in every room doesn’t really appeal to me. I believe most people, or at least most homeowners who have concerns would be better served with basic hardening...
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    Good morning

    Let’s hope that with all the re welding, straightening and squaring up, that the drivetrain and body panels that fit the noodle will go back on without a bunch of reaming, bracket building and sub structures…
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    Pattern testing with new 88 Mossberg 12 gauge

    I don’t know any of the specifics of patterning a load, only what the few shots I’ve put through my shockwave at the limited distances I find inside my house. But I have watched various videos of shot patterns, penetration tests, etc, and something I noticed in the videos and in my own firing of...
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    New oversized bolt handle installed!

    Nice..glad you got him all fixed up.
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    pictures that make you lol

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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Same to you,Moss
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    Oversized bolt handle?

    I don’t know anything about the sa-20. What actually holds that handle on the gun, a set screw? Is the factory handle round? Knurled? I’m super cheap, so if I just needed a little extra protrusion to help me, and the handle was round, I’d probably just swage a copper cap from Lowe’s plumbing...
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    Good morning

    Over the years I’ve used discharged fire extinguishers and out of date propane bottles for nice steel tunnels and C notches. Good steel and powder coated outsides make for nice, rust resistant insides when captured in a structure like you pictured….lol
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    Second Name Under Mine

    Just relates to your post count…it will change after every X amount of times you post or comment..
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    Good morning

    Lol. My local hospital looks like a nice casino hotel lobby too. Starbucks, a deli, omnipresent gift shop, etc and the ever present slot machine/billing cubicles…lol