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  1. Tony617!

    590A1 with an 18.5” barrel heat shield

    I bought two AimsPro Tactical 590A1 heat shields years ago and totally forgot about them. The heat shield is 14” long and fits on a 20” barrel. Can I put one my 18.5” barrel?
  2. Tony617!

    Ammo available in your area.

    I have not gone into any stores liked Cabela’s since I have enough shotgun shells and .223 rounds already. I am sure it mostly gone reading some of run on guns and ammo. Maybe you might find .some .40 on the shelves still.
  3. Tony617!

    New 590A1s w/ Chokes... Stupid?

    My 590A1 is heavy barreled and that is the last shotgun I would carry if I was going to hunt. I do have Maverick 88 but I not sure if the barrel can be threaded for a chock since the barrel is not that thick. I use LE132-#1 buckshot with Flite Control.
  4. Tony617!

    Recoil between 590a1 and 500

    I have a 590A1 and bought a LimbSaver recoil pad and makes a huge difference compared to the stock recoil pad on the 590A1.
  5. Tony617!

    New owner of Mossberg 590a1 18.5 7 shot, need help on model.

    I have an 18.5" 590A1 and I load 5 + 1 only by default. I had to buy a S & J Hardware +2 extension to load 7+1. https://sjhardware.us/product-category/mossberg-590/
  6. Tony617!

    Where do you guys buy your Ammo?

    SGAmmo most of the time. I have also ordered from Lucky Gunner as well.
  7. Tony617!

    Flite Control at close ranges (>10 yards)

    I shot 5 rounds of LE132-1B which is 15 pellet #1 buckshot at 7 yards and it was like shooting slugs.
  8. Tony617!

    12ga 2.75 vs 2.5 shells

    I have a Maverick 88 and I load low recoil 2 3/4" Federal LE132 or XM127 rounds. I have a 6 round side saddle mounted to the receiver. I had to do it again I would get a 6 round buttstock side saddle instead. I also have a streamlight LED light as well. I have since replaced the TLR-2 with a...