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1911 Grips, Handgun Grips

Just received a new set of 1911 panels from VZ Grips. They're in the ETC Frag pattern with a magwell bottom and thumb/mag release groove...

These are paired with a set of VZ blackwashed Turbo torx screws...

They will be sitting atop this Nighthawk Custom magwell and scalloped mainspring housing...

nice I like them!!!....I'm drawing up frag patterns right now for a new set almost like those!!
Very nice! I like those a lot!

When I had my 1911, I played with making grips out of cloth, never did much with it though...
Copy and paste from quite a few posts from Jan 2012.




Just waiting...


The lovely Mrs. 6 has been kind enough to do the dirty work for me.




This is how we do it!


More to come soon!


I am going to take them to work and see what I can come up with, Ether I will file some grooves into it or I will have my wife cut something into them.



Shaping around the plunger spring housing took a little work, But I finally got it to fit good.

Here is one of the three being cut out from the previous post.


As you can see this one is red and tan.


The polyurethane is still drying, That is the white stuff.
I will be keeping this set, When I was drilling the hole for the screw, The bit grabbed the grip and drilled all the way through it, So there isn't any ledge for the screw to hold it tight, c'est la vie...

I have a couple coats of Poly on them, I may do more, My wife liked them as is, So I didnt do any of the extra cutting.


This second is merely an experiment ...


The Poly didn't take very well in the cutouts :-[
ripjack13 said:
nice I like them!!!....I'm drawing up frag patterns right now for a new set almost like those!!


I'm lookin forward to seeing them completed...
Good stuff guys. I've always liked that VZ frag pattern. I think having that pattern cut into the front grip strap plus also on the mainspring housing would be sweet as well. Totally custom shop work though for something like that but would be worth it. Hell if your going all custom why not have that pattern cut on the slide for the serrations front and back too.
Sorry to unearth an old thread, but I just joined and I saw "1911" so... :oops: Anyhoo, I've experimented with grips. Unfortunately, you'll have to forgive my photo 'skills'. I like rubber (wraparound Pachmayrs are awesome) and dymondwood, and even kinda like aluminium, but I always go back to wood. It's a combination of correct material for the gun, quality feel, looks, and best traction/slipperiness compromise for me. I typically go with all checkered unless I have no choice and the grips I want come with some form of pattern (diamonds). It's an all-or-nothing mindset, like staying away from dutch loads: pick what you like and stick with it. I also agree that the combination of wood and parkerizing is tricky, and that Cocobolo is not the right shade for that. Saw this clearly on my Milspec. I don't like Cocobolo with stainless much either, only with blue steel.
Right now I have Ebony grips on my stainless DW - I'll do a (crappy) shoot when I get my Colt and the Rosewood grips I ordered. But for now here's some of the factory and Ahrends stuff I've tried.
Alumagrips.jpg Cocobolo.jpg Dymondwood.jpg Pachmayr.jpg
Thanks, it's a great gun, tight and accurate. Bought it in '07 when they were just getting started (upping the quality). Dan Wessons are the bee's knees in production pistols now. That Milspec had seen better days. :D
Ooh very nice...I actually just got a bobtail set for a pattern a lil while ago. can't wait to make some...
Necro bump cuz I'm all about a good lookin 1911

Currently have all blk VZgrips alien magwells.

VZgrips blk/gry aliens

VZgrips blk/gry op2's

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