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A cheap pouch turned out good...but with a little guilt.


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A while ago while putting an Amazon order together for the spouse, I needed another $10 of stuff to get free shipping. [I know - we're really paying for it, but it makes me feel better to make believe :) ] I was looking for something like a dump pouch, but instead of using for empty AR mags, I wanted it for carrying shotgun shells. I'm posting the link because my cell phone picks were terrible.

The Esstac shell cards that I have are fantastic, but I use this pouch to not only carry those, but also a box or two of loose shells that I can reach in and grab. This thing works well for me on my belt.

When empty, this pouch will fold up to pocket size. The quality is decent for what I need.

Now for the slightly guilty feeling: I know that this is a Chinese product. I tried finding an American made dump pouch a couple of months ago, and the closest thing was about $60, and I still had doubts that it was really American made.

One guy in our short-lived local Mutual Assistance Group went all-in and bought a commercial sewing machine off of Ebay and was going to attempt DIY gear with heavy canvas, etc. Unfortunately he also went all-in with homesteading; moving to another part of the state on a large chunk of land purchased with his 401K, then dropping out of site. We used to use Signal to communicate, but he be GONE. Too bad.

Anyway, if you're looking for an inexpensive alternative...as I now find myself doing for damn near everything thanks to that trip to the audiologist...check it out.
I hear you Husker, lol. 3 weeks in and I still can’t get over how much the little buggers cost.
I've had a rollup dump pouch on my pistol belt for years and have no idea the brand. However, a couple of years ago I bought a tool belt/pouch from one of the big box stores and use it for general day to day fun shooting & training. While it doesn't have any closure flaps it does have two good sized compartments and the inner one easily hold a full box of shells or more while the other one probably holds 15-20. I keep birdshot in one and 00 Buck in the other. Always keep it full and it's also real easy grab and go pouch just in case. This picture is simular to the one I have. And think I only paid less than $20 for it. Has a heavy duty belt and fastener. I did take some camo paint and tone it down.