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Is the NRA in a death spiral?


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Now that Uncle Wayne and a few of his henchmen are out, is anyone thinking of joining/rejoining? I may consider joining again sometime in the third quarter of NEVER. Even with a new board and officers, their approach to the cause has been outdated for years and what with all of the corruption, their credibility is gone. For me, anyway.

The leaner, meaner groups like Gun Owners of America and Firearms Policy Coalition seem to be doing a lot more with a lot less than the NRA.

What would it take to make the NRA viable again in your eyes??
I hope it is in a death spiral. It is basically useless to me. And while I WAS a member for years I have totally given up on them. Board of Directors, VP of Marketing, First Class plane tickets, Ten vice presidents with luxury homes and swimming pools, luxury everything, and the contributors got jack shit while the salaried guys all laughed their way to the bank.

Eff them. The NRA can kiss my ass.
The NRA scandal reminds me of what happened with the UNITED WAY back around 1990 - fancy jets, multiple mansions, multiple girlfriends. Even recently the CEO of that "charity" has come under fire.

These guys must get a taste for other people's money with zero accountability. They turn non-profits into mega piggy banks. Hang'em all.
From a pro-gun outsider's view the NRA is stumbling hard and has been for sometime. They have not, at least to my mind been very successful in recent years of bridging the gaps in their messaging and their public image. They've allowed themselves to become almost irrelevant by some of the very things nitesite said above, in addition to some very public equivocating on bump stocks. They lost their focus some time ago and the media hasn't let them off the ropes for one second. I think the NRA is a "dead man walking" unless by some miracle they clean house and are able to successfully re-brand themselves.

I think it's safe to say Mr. LaPierre has nearly single-handedly destroyed the organization by treating it like his own personal fiefdom and piggybank.
They have been in a death spiral for years because they lost their way and didn't listen to their members, many who are now gone,

All rests on the shoulders of the leadership and the board.

Goodby NRA.
The NRA to me has the attitude as government agencies. No matter how much money they have is never enough. If I did not get mail, email or snail, and phone calls from them my life would be much simpler. As the sharks would say on shark tank….

For that reason, I’m out.
I like to think the NRA will come around. We MUSTN'T fail! If we go, the other gun-rights orgs will soon follow. Then what? As a lifer, I think there are far too many people hating on us, even pro-2A-ers. The hate must stop...

When people say "the NRA sucks!" or "the NRA is evil!" not only are they insulting the departed Wayne LaP, who probably deserves the hate (if the allegations are true),--they are insulting loyal members like me.

The gun club I belong to just initiated some new policies. One is that a waiver has to be signed every time you shoot. :rolleyes: Something about it being a lease requirement. Apparently the 5yr lease they just signed also increased quite a bit. The county owns the land and it is right next to a police training track and range. For some reason I thought they had a 100yr lease.

A topical bit of news is that they are no longer a 100% NRA club. Meaning you had to be a member to join/renew. I thought it was a requirement for insurance or something. I don't know why they dropped the requirement--maybe they are trying to increase membership?

There is a meeting next Tues. night I'm going to make it a point to go to and have some questions answered. It has been 10yrs since I've been to one and I think it might be time to get more involved.
I maintain my NRA membership as well as the odd donation. I do it mainly because I like the American Rifleman publication. I read this magazine front to back every month.
I also think they do make a difference. If the left hates you it means you stand in their way.
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I was on the waiting list for a semi-exclusive club in the area, but when my number came up I had to pass because one of their requisites is NRA membership.

Just as well.....I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member. ;)