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Maverick 88 "Cruiser" How did I miss this?


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I just stumbled across this - must be new. Academy Sports has it for $220.

I know I could just put a pistol grip on my Maverick 88, but this cruiser model has 7+1 capacity. Two more than the Maverick 88 Security. Dang.
It makes a great "inside the house" shotgun. And you can buy a used shoulder stock anytime you wish for very little money.

Cool find. I would buy one.
That's a great buy and has lots of possibilities in addition to the full stock that nitesite recommended you can also put a birds head (Shockwave) grip on it.

While the barrel and magazine are longer than a Shockwave it's plenty compact to be a great HD or truck gun.

So show us a picture of your new acquisition !!!