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Mounting Picatinny rail on vented rib?

I have a 505 youth .410 with a 20" barrel. It has the vented rib on top and I would like to drill and tap two holes to mount a 4" rail on it. It will be carrying a small flashlight/laser on top. I've been told the rib is not structural, yet it looks pretty solid. Anyone else do this? Anyone know for sure it's not a good idea? Not much of any other place to mount the rail and I cannot find a barrel mount anywhere for a .410 barrel.
Howdy, see you're looking to do the same thing that I am wanting to do with my 930. I THOUGHT I posted a thread on the 500 section here related to the rib, but this might help you out as well and you might be able to help me out! What I want to do is have a small pic rail on my 930 rib. Interestingly enough they make them already for your 500 but not the 930. After speaking with the company about this he mentioned if the 930 rib was the same and identical to the 500 rib. it would fit! Below is the website I found the Rib-Rider on. Would you by any chance be able to get the dimensions of your 500 Rib for me so I could see if the Rib-Rider would fit my 930 as well?

http://www.aimtech-mounts.com/Rib Riders.htm

Hope I could help in some way!
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Does the 505 have the 4 holes on top? I have the 510 mini, and was able to mount this rail on top, then mount the flashlight/laser to it:
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