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New 930 Field/Hunting

Skip D

Just took delivery of a new Mossberg 930, 28" with Walnut furniture yesterday.. The intent is for it to give me an additional Skeet Gun to play with and perhaps an occasional bird hunt.. I really like what I saw...
I tore it down yesterday to give it a "once over" and a good cleaning... I had to de-burr the buffer spring, remove some preservative thru out,,, and give everything a nice lube in preparation for its first deployment.. I also put a Skeet Choke in it. I was amazed by how dirty the barrel was.. I am planning on hitting the Skeet Range this Tues or Weds... Looking forward to shooting it..
I think they put grease in the barrel at the factory to minimize corrosion . They sure are pretty in Walnut !
Well, I took it out and shot 3 rounds of skeet. Swings good and feels great.. However,,,,,, I had 1 failure to eject(stovepipe) which I actually think was a failure to extract....... And 3 additional failures to extract. One of those was stuck in the chamber... I was using Winchester Super Target 1 1/8 oz #8... After cleaning, I polished the chamber with steel wool. Will try again this coming Weds... Will be using 2 boxes of Estate 1 oz #8 and 2 boxes of Monarch 1 1/8 oz #8... Will see what happens.
Ran 1 box of Gun Club #8 1 1/8 oz,,, 1 box of Estate 1 oz #8 and 2 boxes of Monarch 1 1/8 oz #8... Ran GREAT!!!.
Did 3 rounds of Skeet yesterday. Shot up 75 more Gun Clubs #8 1 1/8 oz... Didn't miss a beat.. I DEFINITELY think it's a keeper. Had 4 other guys shooting with me,,,, one of them says after the 2nd round,,, that he was calling it a day and he really enjoyed shooting with me.. He went on to say that I shoot pretty good. I thanked him...... He then asked,,, "What are you shooting there,,,,,, a Remington?" I said no it's a Mossberg 930... He said: "oh....." LOL! If he only knew that my "go to" Skeet gun is a Mossberg Silver Reserve II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not the brand of a gun that's important, it's how you use it.

Or so I've heard.

If you shoot the gun well, if the gun performs how it's supposed to, I could care less what name is stamped into the side of it.

That's just how I roll.