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Now here is a load-out that anybody would love to have

Believe it or not with a valid license, I could walk into any gun store in Kanukistan, buy the rifles and shotguns and walk out an hour later. (Not the tommy, BAR or the 45 pistol though).
Here the guns would require 30 days wait, for the state to do an ”instant” electronic background check that costs $35. And up.

Only one hand gun every 30 days. No limit on shotguns or hunting rifles. Everything must be on the approved roster. Which is slowly shrinking.

I think you can buy 10 on one application, for $35 fee. You must purchase the guns up front, and probably pay a restocking fee if you fail the check or back out.

It’s possible that some of these rules have changed since I last made a purchase here. It has been a while.

If you want to know whether a gun is available or not in California you can go to Davidson’s site and enter a ZIP Code of 93711.