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Photo and text transfer test.

One of the best videos out there on the topic. Watched it many times over the years.

Yeah. I discovered it a few years ago and stumbled across it again this week. I'm going to move it to another forum when I find the right place for it.

Do criminals actually confess over police interrogation?
Those aren’t the funny ones, though. The funny ones are when his lawyer tells him, “At some point this evening, the guards are going to put a man into your cell with you. That man will be a police officer. The guards may punch him in the face a couple of times before putting him in. This is a trick. The man is a police officer. You may well ask him a half-dozen times if he is a police officer, if he’s sure he’s not a police officer, if it’s possible he is a police officer. Regardless of what he says, that man is a police officer. Do not tell him anything.”

Then you get the transcript, which starts with “I know I shouldn’t be telling you this, but….”

Those are the funny ones.
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