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Price increases?


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I'm hearing warnings - mostly from the online bulk sellers - that there could be a 6 - 7% across the board price increase for ammo coming up in June. While it might be a little bit of sales technique, there is probably a ring of truth to the warning.

Anyone hearing similar feedback??
When I bought my revolver two weeks ago the store did not have any 22 Mag ammo . They also said the prices could be going up.
I haven't seen any specific numbers but being reported that Federal, Speer, CCI and Remington have announced a price increase starting sometime in May. I would hope retailers wouldn't immediately raise prices on ammo in the pipeline inventory but you never know.

Like everything else in our economy prices continue to go up. Hopefully we won't see dramitic over night price increases like a few years ago due to "shortages."

But inventory drives these retail prices and the "war" contracts for 9mm and 5.56 plus reloading components are reducing the ammo slated for the civilian marketplace.

I'd make sure to have an "adequate" on hand inventory!

Everything is either going up, or un-obtainium.....

I've developed a good load for my new 6.5CM, using Vihtavouri N555, which I've now run out of.

None of my LGS's have any, so I contacted the UK distributor, to find out when more was coming in.

They replied...."Unfortunately Vihtavuori have had to restrict their distributors in order to meet market demand across multiple sectors, mainly military. They have obligations to fulfil certain contracts and meet demands of various nations’ armed forces.

Due to the shortages many (people) have started buying in excess of their requirements – hording basically. If everyone simply bought what they needed for the next 6 months there wouldn’t be a problem really, but many are stocking up like there isn’t going to be any more for the next 5 years or more.

In any case this leave us with a huge amount of demand but without the supply level to fulfil that demand. Meaning Viht powder is now in a constant state of back order."

So I'll have to order (and pay for!) some powder, and wait patiently until it comes in....I was going to order an 8lb tub, but apparently the distributors are not even trying to order those... 1Kg are the biggest tubs they're importing.
So I'll have to order (and pay for!) some powder, and wait patiently until it comes in....
While small pistol and rifle primers have come back into existence here in the states at probably 300% what they used to cost, :rolleyes: large pistol and rifle primers are perpetually out of stock. You can ask to "be notified" when they come in but then it is FCFS so you have to act quick. I'm only looking for a tray of 100 to develop some 8mm Mauser loads for a 1939 K98 sporter I have (with Waffenampts :D ), but would gladly buy 1000 if need be. Haven't settled on a powder yet but I have everything else, dies, press, cases and bullets.

The "military" they speak of doesn't sit well with me and many others over here. It is Bidet and the Dumpocraps awarding that grifter Zelensky for his favorable treatment of them. I give zero f*cks about Ukraine's border when ours is wide open. :mad: Let them join NATO, I say... Same goes for the Middle East... (insert middle finger here)

I'm trying to buy AT LEAST 1000rds (complete cartridges) a month. This month it was 9mm, next month might have to settle for .22LR. A couple of those babies to a cretin's neck will put them down... ;) Aim small, miss small. I'm not necessarily hoarding, which as you surmised, will decrease availability and increase price (ie: LoSaD). I'm stocking up so I can continue to compete in informal steel plate matches 2-3 times a month. :) Each match will burn around 200rds.

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Prices on the main source that I use are actually down a good %. The owner's newletter says that it's normal for demand to fall off in the spring, which can depress pricing. The typical reaction is that people do the knee-jerk when prices edge up and start buying then as opposed to now.

I've got yet another order for stuff I don't really need, but rationalize it as potential future currency. One reason is as good as another, right???
In NY state we have to do a nics check to purchase ammunition now. There is an additional fee for this on top of already inflated prices. Basically a tax. If you are in a hurry to get to the range to meet up with friends and you need to stop by Sportsman’s Warehouse to grab some 9 mm - forget about it. You could be there an hour waiting for the privilege of acceptance and to give them your money.
our government would rather give ammo to Ukraine than sell to us. And they are more concerned with Ukraines borders than our own. Remember the bs impeachment of Trump over a sentence in a phone call. Biden is paying back Zelensky ten times over. The NATO countries in Europe pay little compared to the U S, and support Russia because Biden wants to restrict our gas production and ability to export.
@Daryll, with all due respect, if the feces were to hit the rotating blades I would personally like to have a stockpile of ammo, booze, and tobacco. I could trade for anything I might need.

But I get what you are saying.
I've heard grumblings about a worldwide nitrocellulose shortage or some shit. My advice to anyone is to buy ammo NOW while it is "relatively" cheap. My experience is that prices go up at election time. And IF the election is illegitimate again, expect supply to become zero and prices to go through the roof! :eek: