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Silver Reserve Compatibility


Copper BB
I purchased a Silver Reserve II combo, model 75442, back in 2016. Since then, the receiver and 12ga barrels have been lost, leaving me the 20ga barrels. Mossberg no longer offers a combo. I'm trying to find out if the current 12ga model Silver Reserve II receiver will accept the 20ga barrels that I have. I called Mossberg's general customer service line, and they said that "the barrels are fitted to the receiver, and are not interchangeable". But that doesn't make sense to me- I find it hard to believe that these are all hand fit and have no interchangeability.
Does anyone have any knowledge of any differences between Silver Reserve II models from 2016 and now? Thanks!
I would suspect that there is no difference but I don’t know this. Take the plunge and let us know.
Call around the local gun stores and see if anyone has a SR in stock. Maybe they'll let you try before you buy... ;)