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The Age of Lawlessness


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Interesting article.....

"How should this affect (misspelled above) the choices made by the armed citizen?"
(1) don't get caught defending yourself! ;) I know we've been taught to cooperate with 5-0, but nowadays it may only make YOU the criminal... :(
(2) don't patronize stores that allow such rampant looting--their prices WILL be higher to account for loss!
(3) defend yourself from afar ;) Long-distance marksmanship is a GOOD thing... :)
(4) use a less lethal deterrent like paintballs. Why are police and security not using paintball markers on thugs and thieves? For starters, thieves will be "marked" so they can be more easily apprehended. A "stinkball" can also be shot at a perp, making the stolen goods unsaleable.
(5) target recording devices (ie: phones). I would argue that if someone is trespassing and recording on my property illegally, I have every right to destroy what is on my property.

I've been seeing a lot of this "legal" advice on the internet and it essentially comes down to "remain the victim" and I don't like it... :rolleyes:
I forget who coined the phrase "do the best you can, but don't get caught". :D

James Reeves has had some content about the lawfulness of self-defense on his channel. I think some of it has either been pulled by him or gootoob. LINK
Up in Canada, this is a whole other level of legal jeopardy for anyone defending their life or property, let alone using a gun to do it. We just don't have the kind of legal protections you guys have down south.

I've always been a big supporter of law enforcement and still am, generally speaking. However, my concern (like you Bob) is not only over zealous police but government prosecutors looking to make a name for themselves and bolster their conviction record. When it comes to a situation where you've had to do harm (by whatever means) to protect yourself or your family and the police are looking at you and arresting you...the less you say the better. Then, the less chance you have of saying the wrong words and making your situation even worse.

I love the idea of paintballing the ever-lovin' crap out of sh*tbirds and then calling the cops to come pick up their sorry painted asses. LOL!!
Used to be if ya shot an intruder breaking into your home ya had to drag their sorry ass inside. Now ya have to bury ‘‘em too, preferably away from the scene. We are definitely headed the wrong direction.

It’s probably just my conservative side speaking, but it seems the more liberal (woke) we get, the more violent the country is becoming.