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Velcro cards vs rigid side saddles?

Another trick of the trade if using shot cards.

Lets say it's in the middle of the night or you're in a dark building and you're carrying five loaded shot cards in your dump pouch. And three of these cards are loaded with 00 buck, your primary ammo choice, while the other two contain slugs. Again no or very little visibility, so how do you tell one shot cards from the other just by feel?

I mark the secondary cards with a tab. Take a piece of 1 1/2 inch wide black duct tape, cut a strip 3/8 inches wide and on the very end of the paracord loop fold it together to make a small tab. As you reach for the loop to pull a card with your thumb and forefinger you will feel for the tab that differentiates the tabbed slug card from the non tabbed 00 buck card.

This works on a pitch dark night or in bright sunlight but most importantly you never need to take your eyes off the target. Positive ammo selection purely by touch.

This also works well if your storing shot cards in AR pouches. Just grab the loop and feel if it has a tab or not.

GLAD I did a search and found this topic. I'm just now going through the same process. Except now instead of sending Bezos' people more money, I'm creating an account with ESSTEC. I buy direct to support the mfr and avoid the damn Amazon Chinese knock-off crap.

Made my day. Thanks
My Esstac order arrived - two five-round cards and the velcro for the receiver. Impressive. The loops were so tight that at first I thought they had sent me cards for .410 shells instead of 12 gauge! I hope to get the velcro strip cut to size and put on today - then let is set for a few days. Thanks for the suggestion!
Husker, glad you found them to your liking. As you can likely see you can use 5 to 7 round cards on your shotgun. When you mount your velcro to the receiver you might want to extend the length in case you ever want to purchase longer cards. Just cut out around the serial number and the trigger pin location.

I typically like to let the velcro sit for a couple of days before initially installing the cards.

I have cards that have stayed loaded for probably 6-8 years and they are still tight and have no issues while running shells brass down.

Good luck and let us know how you like them after shooting.

The other idea that I've seen was to sew a metal button on the inside of a jacket or vest and hang a shot card from the loop.

Totally out of sight but easy to retrieve plus the shot card simply stays in place between your body and the inside of the jacket. Just need to find a convenient spot to carry.