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Ambidextrous light mount on 590?

Discussion in 'Flashlights and Weapon Lights' started by No1Buck, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. No1Buck

    No1Buck .410

    I have an Inforce WML that I swap between my AR and 590. On the AR I mount it at 12:00 so I can activate it with either hand, and on the 590 I tried mounting it at 6:00 but found it too awkward to reliably activate because of the angle of the button, so I moved it to 9:00 so I can work the pump with my left hand and use left thumb to activate the light. It works well in that position but I think it would be better to have it at 6:00 for less barrel shadow and ambidextrous activation.

    I checked out some of the integrated forend lights like Surefire but they are expensive and heavy. Has anyone tried mounting something like the Streamlight Protac at 6:00 with a pressure switch at 3:00 or 9:00? I figured this would work well but after googling for a while haven't found any pictures of this setup on a shotgun.
  2. GSDenshaw

    GSDenshaw .410

    I also disliked the forend light. Excellent concept, but the model which I had changed the feel of the action. It introduced some rotational slop which I did not like.

    My current set up employs three pieces of hardware:

    1) a Laserlyte magazine tube tri-rail mount,

    2) a generic half-inch quick-release riser mount, and

    3) a NC Star light mount

    The Laserlyte tri-rail is compatible with Mossberg heat shields and offers five choices for the position of your light. The downside is that it makes it quite a bit more difficult to remove and replace the barrel. The tri-rail, when mounted over the Mossberg heatshield, clears the magazine tube so it is not necessary to remove the tri-rail to take down the weapon. As I said, there is clearance, but it is tight !

    The light is a Surefire P2X Fury Tactical - simple on, off or momentary. I like the fact that I can lock the light off by twisting the tail cap. I treat the tail cap like a safety and instinctively twist the cap to enable the light when I pick up the weapon. I have the light mounted at the six 'o' clock position and find that it is an easy reach with my left index finger. If a shorter reach was desired, a P3X Fury might be a better fit for some. As you can see, the light is close to the muzzle and directly underneath. I have no problem with barrel shadow.

    I cannot offer advice on tape switches as I have attempted to keep the operation of the light as simple as possible.

    I am not suggesting that this is the solution for everyone, but this works for me. I hope that this will be helpful to some. 101 Left Side_5484 5x Lo-Res.jpg 102 Right Side_5486 5x Lo-Res.jpg 103 Front Angle View_5487 5x Lo-Res.jpg
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  3. DarkPassenger308

    DarkPassenger308 .270 WIN Supporter

    That's not a bad setup.

    In the past, I've used a picatinny rail mount that attaches to the bayonet lug. It was clean, low profile and allowed me to mount a light at the 6 o'clock position with a pressure switch on the forend. I don't have the gun anymore, and unfortunately don't have a picture, either.

    This lets you mount anything to the otherwise unsed bayo lug.


    I put a bayonet on just for this photo. The light mount at 9 o'clock is an Elzetta that fits just about any modern weapon light. Barrel shadow ain't bad. It's there, but it ain't bad. Light is a Surefire PX3 Fury. [​IMG]

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  4. GSDenshaw

    GSDenshaw .410

    I tried to go with hardware that would securely attach to the bayonet lug but encountered problems. Both of the products that I tried required a secondary point of support as is provided on the A2 front sight of an AR-15. When mounted on the bayonet lug of the 590A1 there was nothing to secure the rear end of the hardware to. Did you find a solution that overcame this ?

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