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How to Site-in a Red Dot scope.

Discussion in 'Holographic/Red Dot Sights' started by Crappiepro, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Crappiepro

    Crappiepro .270 WIN

    Somebody in another thread wanted to know how to site-in a red dot scope.

    This what I learned form experience and what I learned on other forums. I wanted to put a red dot style scope on my turkey gun. I started out with a 4x4 sheet of plywood and a 3x4 sheet of contents wrapping paper and moved the target out to 25yrds. I made a mark on the paper I stapled to the wood. I used the cheap shells to start, I think it was Winchester low brass #7. It's alot cheaper and easier on your shoulder I might add LOL.
    I then took my first shot and made my adjustments, as I took shot's I changed the paper. This will allow you to see right where your hitting. Your pattern will be tight and the size of a baseball or softball.
    I then made more adjustments and took more shots trying to get the red dot in the bulk of the pattern.
    After I adjusted to the center of the bulk of the pattern I moved the target out to 30yrds, took more shots and adjusted to the bulk of the pattern. You may be hitting center or you may not, make your adjustments, change your paper make your mark on the paper. You moved out to 30yrds so your pattern may have moved but you should be really close and able to get close in a click.
    Now that your really close or dead on, stick that beast from hell 3 1/2 turkey load in there and take your shot. Make any adjustments as before and fine tune it.
    You should be good to go! You saved your shoulder and wallet alot of pain!
    Good Luck!!

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

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  3. hise0001

    hise0001 Copper BB

    Thanks for the info...

    My red dot is receiver mounted and I have to remove it when casing the gun so I have to sight it in pretty often...

    I bought a $10-$20 laser sight.... Drop the laser sight in the chamber. Walk the distance you want to sight from the carport and point the laser on the back wall of the carport.... Dial the red dot on top of the laser and you're good to go. I had great accuracy with the first slug I shot and great pattern on a turkey target. The laser paid for itself immediately over going through a couple of boxes of slugs.

    Another side benefit is after shooting a round of slugs or turkey load, dropping the laser in again and checking if the red dot is maintaining accuracy after being jarred by magnum loads..
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