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  • I didn't realize this "Factory mossberg screw is a one-way pain in the ass. And most aftermarket safeties don't come with a screw." until I happened upon this thread. I'm currently awaiting Brownells Enhanced Safety Button, which is not coming with a screw. Can I paypal you to get 2 of the Fastenal Screws?
    Thanks, Jamie.
    Hey Jason,
    Hope all is well in your neighborhood. We have a new thread on Mossberg Shockwave called Shockwave Photos. Would you mind posting a photo or more of yours. It would be a great addition to this thread. Thanks, Rico.
    Hello DP;

    I'm in need of two of the screws for the Mossberg safety. I'd be glad to pay you for a couple. If this is the correct PM link, please let me know and give you my address. I do want to send you payment. Maybe PayPal?

    Thank you sir.

    Craig Arnold
    Hey DP.
    I would like one of the safety screws. I'm not sure if this is the PM link, so let's see if you get this.
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