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    Shockwave accessorized!

    Looks great! I want to add a brace to mine.
  2. DHonovich

    Checking in from Seattle!

  3. DHonovich

    Worn 590A1 PD trade in

    Welcome to the forum but based on your list I wouldn't do anything else until you shoot it.
  4. DHonovich

    New used barrel

    If you have a local gunsmith then I would bring it there and have them tap it and install a bead. The shop by me charges about 50 bucks to do so. You can do it yourself but takes having the right equipment. You can also add a reflex sight like you mentioned but I am a believer in the KISS...
  5. DHonovich

    Hunting 2020

    Nicely done Mike! I am prepping to get out and use my 930 on some turkeys this weekend. Our season starts on Friday.
  6. DHonovich

    Quick Shockwave 12 Ga. Write-up

    Nice write up and welcome aboard.
  7. DHonovich

    African Cichlids Anyone?

    I have been seriously neglecting my 125g freshwater tank but this thread gives me motivation to work on it again.
  8. DHonovich

    Shockwave - new build

    That came out great!
  9. DHonovich

    NYS SAFE Act Lawsuit Update

    I will be following this closely...
  10. DHonovich

    CT Lawsuit Has Been Filed!

    I will be watching this closely
  11. DHonovich

    Reid: gun vote this Thursday

    I couldn't agree more John...get on the phone folks!!!
  12. DHonovich

    URGENT Connecticut members

    I signed up as well... http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04 ... n-us?lite&
  13. DHonovich

    Getting responses from reps

    Makes me feel like I am part of the team...