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$25 Shipped - Hogue Tamer Pistol Grip with Forend - Black - Fits 500/88 12ga


.270 WIN
Decided to forego the Tamer although it is quite squishy and recoil absorbing I'm sure, I'm not the largest dude and I doubt I would ever train enough to be proficient using it for defense, so it hopefully will find a home on someone else's firearm

$25 shipped in the lower 48 via USPS Priority - If using Paypal will need to be done as gift - thanks!

Btw this is never used, I just mounted it on a passed on Mav88 from my wifes grandfather, I want to be able to pass it to my son so I'm putting wood furniture on it to make it more of an heirloom
Mods - You can close - my neighbor across the street is taking these and I have a fun little thread coming up in the Maverick forum