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30 Year Old Drop Point

Drop Point 001.JPG Pictured is my second attempt at knifemaking.
30 Years ago, I was manager of a machine shop in Houston. The shop was equipped with a small heat treating furnace and had all the equipment necessary to machine any metal parts required to build a knife.
In addition, one of the products manufactured by the company was oil field gaskets made from micarta.
I read Bob Loveless book on knife making and decided to make a drop point knife similar to the famous Loveless drop points.
Material used was D-2 Tool Steel. Oil hardened to 60 RC in the HT furnace.
Pins were machined from brass barstock, The guard was also made from brass flat bar and silver soldered to the blade.
Scales were made from scrap, linen, micarta.

The knife pictured is showing it's age but it has gutted and skinned well over 100 whitetails in its career. I can still get it shaving sharp on a whetstone.
You did very good making that knife, and used really good grades of material to complete it. I have no doubt whatsoever that it will last multiple generations.
DRR. That is a fantastic story and knife. You may join the exquisite guild of craftsmen on this forum with that performance.