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500/590 12ga parts accs

$50 shipped for everything
spectergear buttstock 6 shell carrier
choate 1plus mag ext
mossberg pistol grip
mossberg tri-rail (SOLD)
cashapp or zelle only


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I think I may not understand. Are those apps better than PayPal?

No, IMO they are not "better" than PP. I was being facetious about the response as I do not have ANY cash apps on my phone. If I am buying something from someone in person, I am going to pay them in cash, not whip out my ph. :rolleyes:

In an informal setting like this forum, one would probably send a check or M.O. Personally, I could process a CC through my biz.

If one had to sell parts quick, there are local gun sites or Armslist. Ebay is also an option.
The only thing of any value is the tri-rail foregrip and it’s already sold. I had one and I sold it. The other items are just spare parts. I have a box full of that kind of stuff. Free to a good home may be the answer.