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500E 410 forgrip changes?

When did Mossberg change the length of the forend on the 500E 410 shotguns?

I just ordered a synthetic forend for my older 500E and it is too short. The part number that I ordered is: 16322. The shotgun is from the mid 80's with a serial number of K00040X

500 forend.jpg
If I remember right there are actually three different slide action assemblies ranging from 6 5/8 inches to 7 5/8 inches and to 8 5/8 inches. There are also differences as to whether they have a single or dual slide bars.

Recommend you measure the length of the assembly to make sure which one you need.

Mine has the dual bars and is 7 5/8". The new forend is for 6 5/8". The problem is that I can only find the one I bought (16322). I've searched plenty of vendors and Mossberg's website too and that is the only synthetic forend anyone lists.

The main reason for wanting a synthetic forend was to match the 510 Mini stock (which I can't find in stock either). But I guess I will have to go to plan B and just leave the wood forend on and get another wood stock so I can cut it down to fit my petite wife.

The new forend length is between my older 500E and my 410 Shockwave.
I did check Numrich. They only list wood for-ends.

I guess I will go with Plan B since I haven't had any luck finding a 510 Mini stock anyway. I'll just buy another wood stock and cut it down to fit the wife.
You might also check midwayusa, debay and GB. You could also call Hogue--I do recall they had a nut adapter but I didn't see it in their current listings. Their number is at the top of the page. LINK

BTW, Welcome Aboard! :)
Hogue makes an extended slide assembly nut for a 12 gauge but not sure about a 410?

Don't see any reason you couldn't fabricate a spacer to make the shorter forend work.

I have already checked all those sources. The only synthetic forend listed, let alone available is the one I bought. And I have not found any extended slide assembly nuts or adapters for the 410. I appreciate the help though.

And unless I can find a 510 Mini stock anywhere in stock, then it will definitely have to be Plan B anyway.
And it seems I have an odd ball. My 500 has the 7 5/8" slide tube assembly with dual bars and all I can find that length online is the single bar version. The search goes on for the smaller stock before I decide what to do about the forend.
If you had dimensions, you might be able to find someone to 3D print a foreend for you. Reddit has a community called "fosscad" that has print files for many gun-related "objects". :)
I know this is an older thread but I did finally get my hands on a 510 stock with the extension. So at least I can fit the shotgun to my wife now. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about the fore end.