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590 Shockwave, 1st impressions

First post! Been lurking for a few days and learning a lot from reading. I just got mine a few days ago at the LGS, impulse buy. (Full disclosure - I'm relatively new to shooting. I got my very first pistol about 6 months ago, am up to a half a dozen ranging from .22LR to 9mm. The Shockwave is the first shotshell-shooting firearm of any kind that I've ever handled.) I asked for the plain-jane 12ga. Imagine my delight when I opened up the factory-new box at home and found a Crimson Trace Lasersaddle preinstalled. I ordered an assortment of Federal Shorty shells and Aguila Minishells and an Opsol adapter, which all arrived today.

I hit the range this afternoon and pumped 40 shells through this little beastie. What a blast to shoot! The mini/shorty shells are nice and manageable even for a novice like me. The RSO couldn't keep his eyes off of the Shockwave - after watching me shoot about a dozen rounds I let him try it out and he was likewise enchanted by it.

Sorry to ramble. Just wanted to share my newfound love of the Boomstick (thank you Ash, yes, I'm stealing the name for my Shockwave) and join the community here. Cheers!
She's a beauty. Did you need the Opsol adapter for the mini shells?

Thank you!

I did install the Opsol. I’ve read that you can make it work without, but I didn’t want anything spoiling the first shoot. Worked equally well with the Aguilas and the Federals.
Well, I wound up trading mine for a S&W Model 3000 in Cerakoted Camo, the Shockwave was too spicy in the recoil department, even with the new grip [which I kept]. Might get one in .410 at some point for the backpack.

I am told the 3000 was made by Mossberg and the receiver looks identical to the 500. Hard to find anything about it on the internet.
I absolutely love my Shockwave! Picked it up used with the OpSol adaptor at a local gun store a few months back before all the craziness started. I’ve been shooting everything I can find thru it. Really like the 2-3/4 #4 buckshot thru it, and love all of the mini shells I’ve gotten ahold of. Currently waiting on the XS Big Dot to show up. May add a side saddle in the future. As you can see my Shockwave sure looks like a Nightstick these days. Got the OEM take off wood set from eBay. Also swapped out the bolt, bolt slide & evelator for the chromed versions in addition to the gold trigger.


Everyone that shoots this “firearm” loves it. It’s like a pump action smile machine.
Yeah, I'm really liking that too. Wish I could find one in stock somewhere. Though the wood is preferred, I'd even be content with plastic.
Yeah, I'm really liking that too. Wish I could find one in stock somewhere. Though the wood is preferred, I'd even be content with plastic.

There are plenty online, but you have to pay the sellers premium price. The way things are now finding one in a gun store would be rare. Hope you can get your hands on one soon, they are a lot of fun to shoot.
Yeah, that's the thing. I'm not paying panic prices.
I like mine but it deserves respect. It's kind of amazing to me the differences in the "power" of ammo. Birdshot is pretty much little recoil. I have some 3" Winchester, 15 shot, 00 buck that recoils like it was a 40mm Bofors. It will wake up a county and has much more recoil than other 3" 00 buck with higher advertised velocity. Heck if I understand it. I wouldn't want to get shot with anything.
Cleaning question on a new Shockwave: I have a brand new Shockwave I shot for the first time yesterday and I took my VERY old (but in functionally great shape) 18.5" Maverick 88 with me to shoot all kinds of ammo from birdshot to some of the strongest 3" buckshot I've ever run across. Just a day to get to know the Shockwave. All was well.

I get home and clean out the barrels of both and find that the old Maverick's barrel is cleaner, much easier and quicker to get a clean patch out of, put some light Rem Oil thru it one last time then put it up. Now to the Shockwave, it seems to take forever with a brass brush, after a good bore soaking with Hoppe's No. 9, many Hoppe's soaked patches, over and over to get a clean patch due to a clean barrel. Put a dry patch thru it, then one with light Rem Oil and put her away.

Only think I can think of in the difference in the barrel cleaning difficulty is that the new Shockwave just hasn't had enough lead put through the barrel and been subsequently cleaned enough to somehow make for the lead and dirty crud to stick as bad as the old heavily shot Maverick that cleans up quick. Maybe a "breaking in" required for the barrel? One was shot as much as the other yesterday but with a dramatic difference in length of time to clean one barrel over the other. I'm guessing a Shockwave barrel needs to somehow be broken in? Any thoughts?