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590DA1 Sling


Copper BB

New to the forum... but not a new shooter.

I have had my 590DA1 20" for a long time, and till now, have used the stock sling mounts, end of mag tube and end of stock swivel studs.

I decided to look for a "tactical" sling mount option, and BOY... What a maze of information is out there on the web. My head still hurts from all the stuff...

Well to cut to the chase... I decided to go with GG&G's RH Loop sling mounts and a Vickers 2 point (non padded) VCAS sling, using MASH hooks.

All on order and awaiting shipping.

I think after staying up too late on a couple nights reading all that's out there on the web, I made a pretty good choice.

The 590DA1 is mainly a home defense weapon... but goes with us to the range to sandblast our steel targets when they need it.

I like the gun and it's ammo capacity, but have always wanted a "better" set up for a sling.

I have a sling on nearley every long gun I own, cause... I need a sling on them, so I can let go of the weapon and still have control of it should the need arise.

Hey, you never know what's comin'. Know what I mean???

First post here, Hi from the East Coast of PA.

Welcome aboard, 5CD. Glad you found us and wanted to join!

I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your experiences and impressions with that setup. Of course, I'm a visual guy and would expecially like to see your pics.

This is a great gun board with a fantastic membership. You're at home here!
Sounds like a pretty good deal and set up !

I like pics too! ;)

Welcome to Mossberg Owners!!!
Hi guys.

Well... Sometimes things seem like they will work in the planning stage, but not so good in real time.

The components, the Vickers VCAS sling, and BlueForce Gear's MASH hooks and padded covers, along with GG&G's sling adapters were top quality!

The problem, with my 20" 590DA1, with the mag tube going to the end of the barrel, and the sling adapter out there, and the rear sling adapter mounted between the receiver and the SpeedFeed stock, the gun would not hang or cinch up in the positions needed for proper carry in any position.

When you would let the slack out of the sling to shoulder the weapon, it almost wasn't enough to shoulder comfortably and, the rear sling MASH hook was almost hitting me in the nose with the gun in the cheek rest position.

I'm pretty bummed... I'm gonna go back to the drawing board and see what I can come up with.

I want to use the VCAS sling due to it being one of the best adjustable (slides like butter in both directions) slings I have.

Any suggestions will help. Also I will post pics of the set ups when I get them right.

On the other hand, I wanted to use a similar set up on my 18.5" 500 Mossy with a Knoxx SpecOps.... That worked out great.

I'll post that one separately with some pics. That worked better due to the front sling mount wasn't at the end of the gun, but the rear was at the end of the SpecOps and it turned out like I had hoped.

I'll post that one soon with pics.

Take care!!

5CD! I have an idea!

What about a barrel and magtube clamp with a sling swivel? That may move the sling mounting posoition to just infront of or behind the bayonet lug.

I have a CDM Gear MT clamp on my 590A1 and I really like it! I'd recommend it to anyone! Just have to find whos carrying his stuff, and I havent talked to him in a long time.

Otherwise, there are other options. Nordic Comp, Choate... each make nice mounts with sling swivels. If you can find the CDM Gear MT clamp, I think that one would get the sling swivel the closest to you. (I have a QD push button swivel on mine)

If you have trouble lookin anything up, let me know, I'll help search for stuff! ;)
Thanks for the help Rossignol!

Yes, getting the front mount closer in will help. I'm gonna look at the options you provided.

The rear is giving me fits as well. The GG&G receiver mount like I posted... I'm not too crazy about due to the MASH hook and sling don't drop out of the way when I go to shoulder and the doggone thing pokes me in the face.

I didn't see all the problems with this 590 sling mount comin'. Thing is keeping me up late trying nearly every conceivable set up with what I have to work with.

My other guns with tactical slings are all short guns, and the rear sling mount has worked great where the gun will hang in a ready position and shoulder fast without any part of the sling getting in the way. I'm able to draw the gun in tight front or back carry... but this 590 with the SpeedFeed is a whole 'nother aminal. (typo on porpoise;).

Sadly, for now she's back to wearing the 'ole Uncle Mikes shoulder strap using the std. sling swivels underneath, which I've been happy with until I got the "this gun "needs" a tactical sling" bug.

Thanks again for your help. I will post again when I find a fix!

5CD, you mention the MASH hook bein a problem.

GG&G also makes a sling plate adapter for more of a web sling, with an inch and a quarter slot rather than the HK loop. Would that help or is that not really the look and feel youre goin for?
Thanks for all the warm welcomes! This is a good forum. Tons of good info, glad I found it.

Rossignol, Yeah I saw the GG&G sling "slot" style. At first I thought the loop for the hooks would have been the way to go, but since having issues with that set up, I'm thinkin' maybe the slot might be better. I hate to spend another 30 bucks and find it dosen't do the trick.

I've been searchin the web for images of the 20" 590A1 with a SpeedFeed stock with a tactical sling and perhaps it aint doable, 'cause there aren't any pics of that set up.

I'm thinkin, if I can move the front attachment point back some, and find a rear mount that wraps around the butt of the stock, but where the sling attach point is at the top... that might be the deal.

I may be asking too much out of a tactical sling for a gun as long as the 590. I was looking for a way to use the 590 in a "run and gun" target shoot, being able to draw the gun in close to go hands free and the gun stays put in front or behind the shooter. I can do it with the shorter guns I have the 2 point tac slings on.

Maybe this rascal needs a 3 point sling. Last time I "tried" one of those it would take me 5 minutes to figure out how to put the thing over my shoulder/head to get the proper carry... I don't need my wife laughing at me like that again... ;)

Thanks for the input!

5CatDaddy said:
... I don't need my wife laughing at me like that again... ;)

I've been there before! :lol:

:lol: Same here! I get "Youre an idiot." from mine! :lol:

5CD, have you seen the Specter Gear sling? I have a thread on it in here. You can get one that wraps the stock and will have a sling attachment point (SAP) specifically for the 590/590A1.

I know what you mean about tryin to get the slings figured out, but once the Specter Gear is adjusted, its good to go... and made in the US of A!!! For the price of another sling loop, you can be within a few buck of the Specter Gear sling.

I apologize, I dont have any great pics of it, but man, believe me when I say I spent a good deal of time researching this very topic before makin a decision. I put that same effort into everything I do, whether it be an AR I'm buyin or ammo.

I like the sling for the very reasons you mention, about bein able to carry the gun and it be ready to shoulder, or swing behind your back, or carry in front of you.

Its a versatile sling and I highly recommend it! (and Specter Gear doesnt pay me for this stuff! :lol: ...though I wish they would, I have a Specter Gear holster too but I need more stuff!!!) :D
I know this thread is really old but, I know exactly what your talking about! I purchased a Specter Gear 2 point & thought I'd use end plate adapters. Needless to say, it didnt work out. Using Mash clips on each end & both end plate adapters, there was no happy medium. If I was able to shoulder the SG, meant I was not able to cinch tightly, not to mention the adjustment cam was up by my right shoulder blade out of reach when uncinched, along with the mash adapter in my nose. If I was able to cinch it tightly, meant I was not able to shoulder the SG due to not enough slack. In the end I realized that I probably need to use a full buttstock adapter. I slapped one on & now it works half way decent.. I still am trying to find a happy medium with this sling & where the main ERB lands. Some of these issues are due to the fact that I wanted ERB's on both ends of the sling with mash clips. I "THINK" & I could be wrong but, the receiver end plates are better for using a single point setup or using a two point from buttstock adapter to receiver sling plate where as the SG kind of hangs similiar in that config but doesnt flop around as much as a one point. For anyone looking to use a quik adjust on an Mossy, just remember the more you put (ERB's, Mash or HK Hooks) on the adjustable end, the less useable adjustment you will have.
I just thought I'd share my own trials & errors for anyone dealing w/this same problem. I am by no means a "Professional Operator" like some of ya'll so feel free to correct me or add a solution tp the issue I spoke about.
Does that sound normal to you or am I doing something wrong. Its like, I see that type of setup work on other weapon platforms but not on the SG. Is it because the other platforms are shorter?
Its possible its the length of the gun... When we ordered ours, it was rather specific, (Mossberg 500, standard length stock)

I dont know that they make huge changes from gun to gun, but I also feel your right in that adding buckles and hardware is likely to reduce the amound of adjustment too.

I've been wanting to try ours on my AR. My daughter has it adjusted the way she wants it for her .410. so I'm hesitant to start jackin around with it...
Yeah, getting the specter gear just right was a royal PITA. As far as them changing from platform to platform, Specter Gears sling lengths are all the same, they just change the adapters out for diff configs.

I have the HK hook sling plate adapter on the mag end right now along w/the extra ERB'S on buttstock adapter end & mag end. I just ordered the original boxed style sling loop adpt'r for webbing & its on its way now. Imma strip all extra's off of it & run it bone stock to see if issue still exists ( 1 ERB in middle w/buttstock adpt'r & Squared sling plate w/just the adjustment end ran through it).

On a side note I needed some HK quick disco's so I ordered the 2 point Condor Stryke Convertable quick adjust w/them already on it. I figured i'd steal em off that. Need less to say, before harvesting the HK Hooks I put It on the Mossy & was like, WOW! That cheap $30 sling works the balls, no messing around for hours trying to get it just right & thats even with extra hardware on the adjustment end & buttstock end, the quick adjustment works like greased lightning. It looks like the cheap chinese underdog takes the cake on this one, we will see how long she lasts though.

No disrespect to Specter Gear, their slings are made of wicked tuff materials, but in my opinion they need to update the way their adjustment system works. People need to be able to add/remove hardware to suit there personal preferences or needs & still be able to have something that works in the end. $120 later Im using the cheapo. Lol.
Dang... $120.

Honest breakdown though and I appreciate that!!!
Prolly $30 of it in shipping, One order for Specter, One for Condor & an after the fact (find out the hard way) order for the original Specter adapters. Oh yeah Add another 30 or $40 for the original hk style sling plate adapters I seperatly orderded through GGAZ. Haha, Speaking of $$ i just recently found out how Amazon.com has smoking deals on weapon accessories if you can sift through the airsoft garbage. For ex. Just grabbed another AFG for like $25 shipped!

Time sure does fly. I can not believe this thread is this old.
Feels like I was trying to get the sling on my 590 right... just the other day. Like everything else that flies by I guess.

You know I put the old Uncle Mikes vertical shoulder sling back on the old girl and sort of forgot about "tactical" slinging this long gun... but after a coworker was talking about having a 590A1 and it's bayonet lug and all, and wondering where to get a bayo for it, I took a picture of mine with the bayo on to show him and got me thinking about the sling options again.

Ok, here's what I have cooking now. (new parts in the mail as I type)

I still have the non padded Vickers Blue Force sling, which was too short with the original mounting posts, so what I'm gonna try now is a Magpul Forward Sling Mount that clamps to the barrel and mag tube with both a push button QD and a loop for a hook, depending which way I install it, and for the rear, I still have the GG&G adapter between the receiver and butt stock with a loop for a mash hook that I am going to use a Blue Force Gear Universal Wire Loop with a QD push button hole in it, looped through the GG&G plate. This will give a little room and hopefully will resolve the mash hook being in my face as before when I had it hooked to the GG&G at the rear.

The Magpul forward clamp will allow a little flexibility on the forward mount.

If I set up the Magpul on the front using the QD push button on the end of the sling, I can detach it from the front and click it into the Universal Wire Loop on the rear mount and cinch it up to act as a one point sling. If the sling cinches up enough. I am tall so the barrel shouldn't be digging holes in the ground. I'm not too keen on the one point sling on such a long gun, but hey if it works it works.

This is all a gamble 'cause it's only in my minds eye right now, with the needed parts on their way after paying too much in shipping fees.

I will let you know how it turns out with pics if I can get them to post. Should only take a few days till I get all the stuff I need.

What do you guys think? Is it gonna work?
Yeah it's been a while for me too.. Trying to get those two mounting points operational with shouldering & cinching never worked for me using adjustable 2 points from multiple manufactures. Yes you can do one point but for these long units what I've found works best for me while being versatile, is to use a butt stock adapter & one of those receiver mounts to get similar one point slinging. You can still add that tube adapter & run from the butt stock adapter up to that & you have your traditional two point. That's what works very good IMHO.