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Action slide tube question


Copper BB
Hello from Vancouver, BC. First post.

I have a 590A1 marinecote 6+1, 18.5 barrel that I'm "unflexing". I've already unflexed the stock end and I'm ready to tackle the forend. I want to get rid of the flex forend because of the excessive slop / movement in it.

Has anyone ever seen a 7 3/4" marinecote action slide assemembly for sale? If I can't find one, how difficult will it be to swap the marinecote action bars from the flex forend onto a standard 7 3/4" slide assembly.

I am adept at metalwork and have a pin punch set so I'm capable but if anyone knows if I should even bother please let me know.

Failing all that, I'm thinking a molded slide tube assembly from a maverick 88 with blued action bars may be my best option. They are easy to find and will do the least damage to my magazine tube because they are plastic inside as opposed to the metal dimples

Thanks in advance
Ten Gen: Welcome to Mossberg Owners from E TN.

Happy to have you with us. I can't help you w/ your "unflexing" project, but I predict you will get some guidance here soon.
So something like this? Isn’t marinecote just a surface finish? Oh,and welcome from your noisy neighbors down stairs..406F0C54-B545-434C-9552-E002DA470029.png
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Thanks for the welcome :)

On a "Mariner" or "Marinecote" model the entire assembly in that picture has the silver finish as well. It's looking like if I want a marinecote action slide tube assembly, I'll need to buy another entire marinecote 590 shotgun to get it. Can't find it as a separate part. The only other option I can see is to get a blued assembly and have it coated at a plating company privately.

I'll try sending an email to Mossberg and see what they say. I might get lucky, you never know.
You also might want to give Havlin sales a call for the slide tube. (636) 937-6401