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Aimpoint CompM4s battery life finding


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It has been ON for years ands years and at pretty high brightness. It has never been OFF. Not ever touching the setting has been very cool.

I realized yesterday that it should be replaced, so I swapped it for a new lithium AA made by Duracell.

The Duracell ProCell batt that I pulled out (which has been kept ON for YEARS) had an expiration date on it of MAR 2018.

DAYUMMMMMMM I think that is doing pretty durn good for one AA battery.

That is all. Now continue with your normal conversation. :)
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How long have you had it on? 3 years? 5 years?

On a completely off topic side note, I noticed the other day that the bottle of water that I was drinking had an expiration date. No kidding.

Then off the top of my head, I started wondering how many millions of years old the water was BEFORE they put it in that little plastic bottle. :doh:
I'm pretty sure it was "ON" absolutely 24/7/365 for six years. Aimpoint states that the CompM4s goes up to eight years in an always-on state.

Funny observation about the water John. Good one. :)
8 years is an awesome lifespan.

That's 70% as long as the warranty on tritium night sights if you want to get down to the nitty gritty about it.