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AK vs. AR Pics

Most of us know the age old debate of which is better the AR-15 or AK-47. If you're like me and think both are excellent and proven platforms then perhaps these two classic rivals have both found their way into your collection of firearms. I personally find the AR to be more ergonomic and quicker to get into action than the AK though. Without further delay I give you my choices of an AR and AK platform.


My Colt 6920 and Polish 1960 AK-47

I'd like to see your AK(s) and AR(s) together! Just don't let em shoot each other! :lol:
Ooh, I see an opportunity for some really cool photos here. I'll have to put something together for this thread. We'll see if my ARs and Romy AK can behave for a photo op. I don't even keep them in the same safe! :lol:
I don't even keep them in the same safe! :lol:

If you did that in 9 months you would have a Mini 14 :lol:

this will be good, both great. I like AR for handling but the I like a robust weapon and thats why I like an AK....I dont own either...opted for a mini14. Would love a good AK some day for the collection
looking forward to the pics, I want Shooter13 underfolder
I don't think of it as "versus"...

Each platform has it's purpose...and it's limitations !!

It's up to the user on which to apply to any given situation...

OLYMPIC ARMS PCR-97 ( chambered for 5.56x45mm...1:9 twist )


ZASTAVA ARMS [ YUGOSLAVIAN AKMs M70AB2 ] ( chambered for 7.62x39mm...1:9.5 twist )


( Here ya go Oli...^^^ ) ;)
Holy mother of God! That thing just looks like its going to kick the AR's a**. Lol! My husband likes both. He's had lots of AK's but has not replaced it since he sold his last one. I love his AR, and if I remember correctly, I never shot any of the AK's. Bummer. Nice pics both of you! I like this thread!
He is a member but he just isn't into forums or Internet much at all... He only likes looking at sites that he can buy stuff on! Lol He has a serious spending/gun problem. ;)
I suppose an introduction would be in order.

Top left
Home built 6.8 SPC II AR15

Top Right
Sturmgewehr 2000 7.62x39 with new furniture

Bottom Left:
Home built 5.56 AR15

Bottom Right
Home built/Registered SBR wearing the dedicated 22LR F1 silenced upper I designed and built

Home built 5.56 8.5" barreled upper

Awesome John !!

...how many shown there are Olympic Arms U/Ls ?!
Lol! He liked! He said he wants the a1t5... Or some crazy numbers, I can't remember what he just said! He said it has walnut and a round drum. :) but I'm kinda digging the black with straight mag myself ;)
^^ Yup...and the platform itself weighs 13 lbs... ( and the 50 rnd drum by itself costs over $200 now...)

SHOOTER13 said:
Awesome John !!

...how many shown there are Olympic Arms U/Ls ?!

The 5.56 AR is mostly Olympic. It's my oldest remaining personal AR. I have used it a lot and it's been a good one.

I built all of the AR's shown from parts, although most of the big stuff on the 5.56 like the barrel and bolt and stripped lower and LPK is Olympic on that one.

As some of you may know, I have owned several Olympic AR's over the years, and like that one, used a lot of their parts in my personal builds too.

I dont' think it's against the forum rules to drop names, but I am also a moderator at the Olympic Arms owners association (OA2.org)

And modularweapons.com so as you may can tell, I am really into AR's.