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Ammo box labels


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Lets see if these work, they're ammo box labels i downloaded from another site. They are formatted to fit on Avery brand labels, 8163 or any page of 2x4, 10 labels per page I believe. Ive not got my hands on any to try yet.


  • .223 - 5.56 Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    115.6 KB · Views: 8
  • 9mm Luger Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    115.6 KB · Views: 4
  • 22-250 Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    115.5 KB · Views: 0
  • 30-06 Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    115.5 KB · Views: 3
  • 38 Special Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    115.7 KB · Views: 1
  • 38 Super Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    115.8 KB · Views: 2
  • 40 S&W Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    115.9 KB · Views: 5
  • 44 Magnum Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    115.5 KB · Views: 0
  • 45 ACP Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    115.6 KB · Views: 3
  • 308 Winchester Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    116.4 KB · Views: 9
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Bookmarking this for future reference and saving in my docs.

I've been using those little index cards with handwritten notes.

Wish I could go in and change some of the calibers. Didn't see a 357 Mag.
It only let me download 10. There was a 357. I'll add it when I can get back to the computer.
Couple more.


  • 357 Magnum Ammo Box Labels.pdf
    116 KB · Views: 3
  • Ammo Box Labels (Generic).pdf
    114.5 KB · Views: 8
That's really good diesel. Thanks for that !!!!!
Not that I'm a big reloader,,,,,but that generic one is great for all those boxes of Lee slugs I've stocked up.

Thanks diesel!
I just looked at these and I have to ask:
Which of you guys are using an optical comparator? :cool:

The last one that I saw used cost (The QC shop at Vendo) over $30k (Starret) but I see you can get some Japanese ones now for under $6000.

Still a bit expensive for me.
Not an optical comparator. A bullet comparator. Attaches to calipers, for measuring base to ogive length of loaded rounds. More accurate than COAL. As bullet tips aren't always uniform.
Ahhh, so a little gauge of sorts.

I was thinking of the one they used, with built in XY table. It was the size of a washing machine.
Nice thing about digital calipers, is the ability to reset zero, after the comparator is attached. I still use dial, so its a handy annotation, because a base to ogive measue is considerably longer than a standard COAL. And could be very confusing.