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Another precinct..

John A.

Unconstitutional laws are not laws.
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We don't have leaders.

We have a couple of empty seats only interested in serving themselves.


The timing of this is all too evident. Another attempt to try to stop Trump in November. Meanwhile Biden sits in his basement second guessing every move, after the fact of course, the president makes.

These governors and mayors of the states and cities being torn apart know our liberal media will do all they can to provide cover for them.

An epic power struggle. This is not about race, but rather western civilization and capitalism. Take from those that work to give to those that don't. Let the anarchists do the dirty work for the left with the news media there to glorify them.

We have Democrats actually marching with these mobs and cheering them on. As far as I'm concerned they might as well be throwing the bricks and bottles and Molotov cocktails. So far, except for a couple of isolated incidents, the other side has sat and watched as this all unfolds. I am afraid that fuse has been lit and is getting short.


.50 BMG
What happened is America stayed home on Sunday drinking beer instead of taking their kids to church.

2/3 of parents got divorced and the kids went wild. This is a Civil War between people with lots of issues.

We see that the mob attacked CNN headquarters, so the fake and crooked media enterprises are not going to be immune, Simply because they pander to the mob.

We recognize that they are part of the problem. But they are not the victims of anything but blind attacks of rage. The attacks come from people who don’t care about voting and just want to burn things. Shaun King quite literally said this in an interview. “ Burn down the system.“

Then he backtracked a little bit so he wouldn’t be immediately accused of inciting riots and arson, by trying to claim that his words might be taken as rhetoric.

Or maybe not, and he clearly said so.

Our president looks out of the White House office every day to see protesters camped out at the periphery of the White House lawn. Day after day for four years, and he finally got sick of it.

They chased protesters out of the street and moved the barricades farther away from the White House. The media vilified him for it even though the protest had turn to riots and they were burning a church.

All around the country, democrat incumbents are looking out on a sea of discontent ( mainly on TV that is) and they hope to be the last ones eaten in the cannibalism of their party by itself.

Because I do not see this as blowing over. The Democrat party is broken in half just as it happened in 1968. Half of them want to rely on the law and the system and half of them want to burn it down.

My prayer is that a whole bunch of these rioters and looters will be so damn sick by election day that they won’t be able to vote.

unfortunately in California voting will almost all be done by mail and I don’t see a good security system in place to protect it from abuse.

I think there should be extremely stiff penalties for people involved in voter mail fraud high above those involved in ordinary mail fraud. I believe right now that stealing mail only carries a penalty of five years maximum and $250,000 restitution.

There should be absolutely nothing merciful in the prosecution of voter fraud.

Voters must get a receipt for their vote, and someone must sign for it the same as registered certified mail.

I think a penalty of 25 years for voter fraud should be considered. You can tack on another five years to that if it was done through the US mail.


.50 BMG
We don't have leaders. . . .

Generally speaking what we have is celebrities. People that look good on the TV.

All they have to do is say the right words at the right time, and other people can write those words for them (and usually do.)

Now with the beautification of fat ugly people by the crazy media, I see that there is a distinct possibility all of that could change.

Trump has lost weight lately and you can bet that the media will pounce on that fact. This will be the final proof that he is a terrible fat shamer.

But it might be that he is taking antibiotics and you know what happens to your gut.

Anyhow we have one committed leader, and he’s not the greatest, but he is the only thing to come down the pike in a while.

He stood up and declaimed socialism in front of the whole world, as evil. He challenged the Marxists by saying, “America will never be a socialist nation.”

His reward is the Anarchy of a planned socialist takeover, and no less. He’s taking it sort of matter-of-factly and so I believe that it was expected.

This Horror is all very largely written on the public news media, But it is less true across the entire country; because many places here still have good government (or at the very least a lack of serious crime.)

I am fortunate to live in one of those places, but I am unfortunate that on the other side of the next city from here this is a very decrepit piece of town. It does occasionally produce protesters and loco shooters like Kory Ali Muhammed (who claimed after killing five, that he “just didn’t like white people”.)

Now I am prejudiced, as Donald Trump is the first man I ever voted for. In every other election I was always voting against people. I was voting against the coordinated rip off that was the American two party system.

Unfortunately that got me nothing, until I voted for Trump (who I knew was neither party, though he professed to be both at different times.)

What I knew about Trump was information that I didn’t really have about any other politician. I felt I knew his real feelings about politicians in America. Inside Donald Trump hates politicians with a purple passion because they have cost him a fortune over the decades of his life. He became one in part to take his revenge on that system even though he knew it might cost him his life.

I think he is very brave, for a bazillionaire, and this really is an all or nothing deal for him . . . more than most anyone out there realizes.

Real estate development is a business where are you have to engage in the illegal persuasion of politicians so they will not oppose your plans automatically. Of course they will automatically oppose the plans of anyone who is not their political supporter.

Before television Donald Trump was a real estate developer. In my business I’ve dealt with those folks for over 40 years, so I knew that he had been fighting 40 years with crooked politicians to build his projects in America, until he basically got fed up and took them overseas.