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AR-15 and Variants

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MT6601 - A4gery

6920 - M4gery (This one has changed since the pic was taken. Getting new stock and grip. Also sold that light and will be getting something smaller).

6940 - Pretty much got this set up how I like.

Hope you fellas approve... :mrgreen:

Re: My Colt Stable

That sure is a nice collection you have there. Which is your favorite?
Re: My Colt Stable

Love the rifles, havent shot my AR in a while now been busy with the pitols
Re: Stag Arms AR-15 Model 8 (piston)?

Stag is ok. Any particular reason for the piston model? Do you shoot suppressed or full auto a lot?
Re: Stag Arms AR-15 Model 8 (piston)?

I want it for a bit cleaner of a gun and ease of maintenance as well as the chance I may go full auto (if I stay in Texas). I am looking to spend around 1500 for a base AR-15 and build it up over time.
Re: Stag Arms AR-15 Model 8 (piston)?

I love my piston setup on my AR nothing like shooting 600 rounds and just rub off the tiny bit of carbon on the bolt
Re: Stag Arms AR-15 Model 8 (piston)?

Ultimate CC said:
...well as the chance I may go full auto ...

If this really is a consideration are you aware of the restrictions on machine guns? Only machine guns registered prior to 1986 can be transferred. The prices of them have gone up dramatically since 1986.

For $1500 you can do a WHOLE LOT better than Stag.
Re: Stag Arms AR-15 Model 8 (piston)?

Yea I know getting a full auto ar15 will not be cheap to say the least. What model would you consider for 1500?
Anyone ever build a AR15 in .308 win?

I am contemplating the idea of building an AR15 in .308 win to use for fun as well as occasional hunting (deers, hogs, etc). I have been looking at the DPMS version but there doesn't seem to be a lot of other options available.
Re: Anyone ever build a AR15 in .308 win?

You buy the lower and ill built it for ya, stop crying about having no money and charge some toysssssss lol!
Bullpups Anyone?

Here's my 5.7x28mm FN Ps90...

I love this thing. I had to "tack" it out with the quad rail forend 'cause the full length barrel on the civi model goes on for miles. I think it turned out pretty nice. I've also replaced the factory followers and springs to increase the mag capacity to 50 rounds. Adding the coupler gives me 100 rounds on-board capacity for tons of fun without reloading.

I use the 40 grain Hornady V-Max SS197 rounds.

These little things are wicked quick and super accurate. I spend a lot of time shooting @ 50yds and in but see little to no bullet drop when I move out to 100. The spent casings eject straight down from just behind the thumbhole. It's hard to see in the photos, but I've got a ballistic nylon brass catcher attached to the ejection port. There's something to be said for not having to sweep up brass.

I love all my guns, but if I had to name a favorite my Ps90 is definitely the one.
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