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AR build for my son.

I had posted this build on another forum I am on(I know :eek: ) I hope this is ok.

This one is for my 8 year old son who has been helping me pick out his parts aside from the extra parts I had sitting around from my other two builds.
Here we have a Surplus Ammo & Arms lower that I painted the symbols on, My son commented on others he had seen with it.


A lower parts kit from Sherluk I got this with a full AR-15 kit I bought at a gun show, I already had a DPMS parts kit


Here are a couple more parts, From top to bottom, An Aero Precision assembled upper, Model 1 Charging handle via MidwayUSA, BCG from jeepcreep927 on FirearmsTalk and finally an adjustable buttstock from a PCF lower.


Things are coming along nicely, everything fits well.



My biggest issue I had was with the front pivot detent pins, It was difficult to get in as usual, But I tried a few times, Then I noticed that the detent pin wouldn't go in far enough to let the pivot go into the hole, By at least 1mm, I gave the spring a little trim and I was able to get the detent pin in.

Finally things are about to come together.



And we have a happy kid!


Looking around and asking my son what he would like for a barrel and hand guard, I will be looking for a 16" barrel with the two piece hand guard, RRA has a nice barrel kits that are equal to or cheaper than me going with one of the Green Mountain Barrels along with all the other pieces needed, Like a gas block and tube, etc..
Unless you all know something I don't about barrels and other ancillary parts.

I just ordered a 16" Carbine barrel form GunKings, They were the only one I could find selling a GMR barrel, Everything else is coming via Midway, I hope to have everything by mid week.
Once I get all the parts together and try it out I will see about a heavier buffer, my son may not even care, Thinking about it he loved shooting my old AK



16" 1/8 twist chrome lined Carbine love :cool:
Now to locate a barrel nut locally and await my shipment from Midway on Wed.

I wanted to get a 1/8 twist, My other is a 1/7 and most of the ammo I can find around here are 55gr. But I will let you know how it goes.
I will post up some pic's as soon as I get the other parts, I did find an RRA barrel nut at Impact Guns locally, $7.00 go figure and my son get a PMAG 30 Maglevel, Some fancy stuff right there, I still only use the gray tin magazines
I don't think I will be able to get a range report till Sunday at the very earliest, Now I work Saturdays through Oct. AND I need to have my friend check the head space with his go/no go parts, With all the different MFG's it would be wise.

Ok, I got my parts and I guess my first real issue may be the front site housing/gas block, Its a Doublestar front site, It appears I need to install it then have it drilled for roll pins, Is this normal? I've been wondering if I should get a gas block with a rail on it for MBUS's, I was going to get one for the rear anyhow...
But everything else seems to be great, I may stop by Impact again to see what they may have.
I guess thats what I get for not reading up on some of the ordered parts.
Oh well, Till tonight.

Well, I went ahead and used the Doublestar A2 front site base, I drilled and notched the barrel and front site myself, As a jeweler, Its surprising what tools and bits I have on hand for it, I used nickle stock for the pins and I pressed them in, It worked great, It may be a complete bitch to remove them, But I don't see it happening soon.

Here is the final list of parts I just received and installed...

Yankee Hill Machine Muzzle Brake

DoubleStar A2 Front Sight Gas Block

DPMS Front Sight Post Square AR-15 A2

DPMS Front Sight Detent AR-15 A1/A2

Olympic Front Sight Detent Spring

DPMS Glacier Handguard AR-15 Carbine

DPMS Gas Tube Carbine AR-15

DPMS Delta Pack AR-15 Matte

DPMS Handguard Cap AR-15 Round Black

DPMS Gas Tube Roll Pin AR-15

And what you come up with is...



I kind of like the DPMS Glacier handguards, They are heavier and don't seem to rattle as much as others I have dealt with.
You can also see the MBUS site, I forgot the magazine, But that will be for another day.
I still need to cover the bare metal in a few area from the work I have done.

One thing I am not particularly impressed with is the lowers finish, Its very delicate, It scratches off a little too easily, But I guess you get what you pay for, C'est la vie.

I am hoping to get the head space checked in the next day or so, If all is well there, It will be off to the range Sun. if I can swing it.

Head space is great, Now I need some free time, Working on Sat. through the middle of Oct. doesn't help much, But it puts some extra $$'s in my pocket.
I hope you enjoy, If any of you have any questions please ask away, I put this together in a min. or two and it was picked out of a 4 page thread.
Awesome writeup Vit...da Kid looks like he's ready to rock !!

Thanks for sharing !!