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Army Aviation with grandson

Thanks DJ for sharing these photos and stories.
Yout welcome im not best photographer but enjoyed showing grandson around. If ever near ft rucker its worth a visit. I just happen to live right next to it.
Isn't it friggin' amazing that the CH-47 Chinook is the second fastest helo on the planet behind the Lynx?

It'll easily outrun it's gunship escorts if it wants to.

Great bird the Chinook.
Dang. That ain't no Chinook. They display the ultra rare one of a kind BV-347 with 4-blade rotors and rotating wings!!!~!
Next time I go to Huntsville il stop in redstone arsenal someone they have a ch47A on display. No escort needed packs a 40mm grenade launcher 2 20mm cannons 4 50 cals and 2 weapon pods rockets or minigins LOL. Love to see it.
The Chinook is just a bad ass platform that will easily be around another 20 yrs. The new MH version is really fast for a rotary wing and i believe is fitted with a couple miniguns.
Very cool. Learned something new. Didnt know the Comanche was on display.
It pretty awesome to see. I believe they actually have both of the only actual ones that flew for testing. There are huge hangars by museum with lots in storage.
DJ, if you ever get out to Central California you should not miss the Castle Air Museum.

Years ago I did some plans to build a full-sized space shuttle replica, that they were supposed to get, for a summercamp computer space simulation, in the replica shuttle. Unfortunately the funding dried up but I should post a few pictures of the plans here one day.

So you won't see our replica there ;( but you will see an incredible display of aircraft.