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ATLAS Accu-Shot fake knock off review

I have one of those on my blackout upper.

It's alright. Worth $30.

The rubber feet will pop off though so you may want to epoxy them on now while you still have both of them.

And the tensioning nut on the bottom will work loose with use and it's common to have to stop what you're doing to tighten it back up.
I did not have problem with feet popping off, I keep that swivel nut semi lose so I can level the rifle.
Works alright for me
I bought a $22 cheap bipod with adapter for sling swivel a couple years ago- I have used it on a .22lr, Mosin Nagant, .223 bolt action savage, and my AR15 and it works fine. I think mine is a 7-9" extendable and I'm fine with a cheap one. Looks like more expensive, but made in china..