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Attention NH, contact your reps--bad gun laws

When will enough people figure out that this is not about public safety, but public control.
When people stop and do their own research and stop listening to those spewing the lies on a national level at every opportunity.

Here is what obamas former attorney general eric holder had to say about it.

Thanks John. This is one of the reasons I have been telling anyone that would listen that school board meetings are the most important elections we vote in. I have been telling folks this for over 30 years. Our public schools have been indoctrinating our kids, not all teachers, but the system. Kids can't read or write or do simple math, but they all act lik. they know all about life. They are being turned into modern day brownshirts .

The ones that don't go along with the liberal left are mocked and ridiculed . Just look at what happens to school kids that happen to show their support of our current president. This type of behavior by school districts and fellow students would not have been acceptable when Obama was president. Everyone was expected to accept his policies whether they were right for America or not.