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Blame Trump...Again

Its' the news media that is more to blame than our President.

The news outlets will provide near 24 hour coverage for every major event that happens and have all their "experts" and crisis actors on standby in an attempt to whip everyone up into as much of a tizzy as possible.

I'm not making light of mass murder. Just stating cold facts at what the media does. They are more of a threat to our freedom than a gun is.
Did y'all catch the news about the 50 christians murdered with machetes in Nigeria this week ??? BIG FAT NOPE......
I believe up to about 1500 so far this year of,Christians murdered exterminated in addition to complete villages of,Christians scorched earth burned to ground violent murder and torture by Muslim extremist basically daily. Totally not news worthy, does not forward the lefts agenda. If,ya wanna know ya have to search.
The news media determines what is newsworthy. Even if they get it wrong, they keep pushing it as long as it fits the leftist agenda.
Just seen more news about the NZ shootings.... apparently the guy used a "military style assault weapons".. i'm guessing AR15... but legally they're limited to 7 rnds... but you can legally buy larger (30rnd?) magazines.

So someone put a legal 30 rnd mag on a legal AR15... illegally...

Who'd a thunk someone would do that...?
I saw somewhere that AOC is blaming the NRA. Blaming the NRA for an Australian committing a mass murder in New Zealand.

Blaming the NRA is "in" these days. I don't hear them blaming the manufacturer when a terrorist drives a van or truck into a crowd and kills them.
Blaming the NRA is "in" these days. I don't hear them blaming the manufacturer when a terrorist drives a van or truck into a crowd and kills them.

There is another post here about CT Supreme Court vs Remington et al. There is plenty of blame to go around and they are happy to spread it... :rolleyes:

In other "it should be news", not a peep about what is going on in Nigeria and other places in Africa... LINK
That could happen here as well. Not right now, because the citizens would rise up, but our children and grandchildren could have to deal with it in the future if certain ones here don't wake up and pay attention.
What we should be publicizing on television is the fact that no NRA member has ever been a mass murderer.

I don't know if this is true or not but Ben Shapiro says it's true.

So the solution to our gun problem is that everybody needs to join the NRA?

I know that silly left hand logic. So did Shapiro.

But this is the persuasive argument.

TWO things link every mass murderer in history:

They were crazy nutball lunatics full of hate.

And they did not belong to the NRA.
Very well put Cadd. They probably, at least the majority, were also raised on anti depressants and got their way all the time.