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Borka Tools MG6 Torque Driver Kit Review


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Introduction to Multi Torque Driver Kits from Borka Tools.

Borka torque driver with 12 fixed torque settings, also known as multi torque driver, incorporates two, high and low, ranges of 6 torque settings each, allowing the user to select one of 12 settings by simply inserting the hex bit holder into appropriate driver arm socket. Sockets are laser marked with torque values, making driver setup extremely simple, easy and very fast.

Driver operation is based on use of pre-set tightening force, which is applied at one of the 6 fixed distances between the middle of the handle finger groove and hex bit holder axis of rotation. When tightening force, which is applied by the user to the approximate middle of handle finger groove, exceeds pre-set value, driver handle disengages the arm lock and then pivots out of the way, effectively canceling further torque application and, naturally, preventing over-tightening. Torque output accuracy, consistency and overall driver functionality are not affected by presence or lack of lubrication.

Inexpensive, lightweight (less than 4 ounces), rugged, highly consistent and accurate torque driver is made from stainless steel and structural polymer, and differs from traditional "slip clutch" and "cam-over" type torque drivers by its simple and reliable design and compactness.

The following 15x72-12FS driver kit models are being offered:

FYI: MG5 kit was initially introduced at the end of 2010 thru http://www.snipershide.com as MG3-SRA kit (MG3 driver kit with Sniper Rifle Accessories), and several Borka Tools dealers are still using MG3-SRA name as opposed to MG5 name, for the same kit.

There are no design, quality or external appearance differences between MG3 (Military), MG4 (Law Enforcement), MG5 (MG3 with accessories) and MG6 (MG4 with accessories) torque drivers. The differences are in actual configurations of MG3, MG4, MG5 and MG6 torque driver kits.

MG3 kit includes MTD-15x72-12FS-MG driver, green O.D. custom T.A.B. GEAR carry pouch, user guide and two adapters: 1/4" hex (male) to 1/4" square (male) and 1/4" square (female) to 3/8" square (male) for use with standard 1/4" and 3/8" square drive sockets. MG4 kit is identical to MG3 kit, except that it comes with black custom carry pouch made by Dave Manson Precision Reamers. More info about pouches is below.

In addition to torque driver, two adapters and carry pouch, each of the MG5 and MG6 kits includes a number of compact, light weight and high quality accessories, currently supplied by Mountz, Inc. - the leader in U.S. made industrial grade torque tools and related accessories:

1. Autolock bit holder, to be used as the torque driver spindle
2. Compact mini ratchet wrench
3. 1/2" hex socket with 1/4" square drive
4. Customized 18 pcs. hex bits set in 2 bit organizers, which includes:
Hex: 3/32", 7/64", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 3 mm, 5 mm
Torx: T-10, T-15, T-20, T-25, T-30
Philips: #1, #2; Pozi: #1, #2; Flat: 4.5 mm, 7 mm

MG5 carry pouch is identical to MG3 kit pouch, while MG6 kit comes with MG4 kit carry pouch. There are no other differences between these kits.

MG3 kit carry pouch is a specialized multi-purpose driver/accessories pouch in OD Green, made in the U.S.A. by T.A.B. GEAR from cordura nylon. This pouch was specifically designed for use by DoD active duty personnel. In addition of being highly durable, it also incorporates a total of 4 pockets for torque driver components and various accessories - hex bits, sockets, other tools. Pouch also doubles as a field cleaning mat for parts of the rifle or pistol, when fully unfolded. Pouch incorporates an original "cord-clamp" closure, resistant to contamination. Recommended for use in the field, and is supplied to military personnel as a standard issue pouch for the driver and accessories.

MG4 kit carry pouch is a specialized multi-purpose driver/accessories pouch, made in the U.S.A. from black cordura nylon for the Borka Tools torque driver kits sold by Dave Manson Precision Reamers. This pouch has somewhat similar basic design and external dimensions as T.A.B. Gear MG pouch, but uses extended external velcro closure, different internal pockets arrangement and incorporates additional large size flap pocket. This pouch is also highly durable and is recommended for use by law enforcement personnel and gun enthusiasts.

FYI: Borka Tools also manufactures an economy version of MTD-15x72-12FS for Brownells, Inc. ( item # 080-000-737 ). "Brownells" branded torque driver is supplied in plastic tool tube, and comes with just the user guide and with no accessories.

12 torque settings driver is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, as it will stand up very well to severe environmental conditions. This driver can be set up to desired torque settings within seconds and recommended for use by gunsmiths, firearms enthusiasts and particularly, by military and law enforcement personnel interested in carrying a designated torque driver for their specific fireams. Borka Tools multi torque driver easily fits into the firearms maintenance kit, stock pack, pocket or belt pouch, and naturally, in its own designated carry pouch, and is designed to retain its accuracy and functionality in a field better than traditional torque drivers, intended mostly for use indoors.


















First Impressions: QUALITY! The kit is very well thought out and come with a variety of bits, a ratchet, a torque driver, 1/2" socket as well as a few adapters. It has just about every bit that you could possibly need while working on a rifle and the 1/2" socket is great for tightening your tactical scope rings. Virtually any task that you could think of performing in the field can be done with this kit. The other feature that I love about this kit is how compact and lightweight it is.

Use: The Borka Tools MG6 Torque Driver Kit allows you to consistently gets the job done which is important for anyone using a precision rifle. If you need a torque driver kit and want one that you could carry with you in the field then you need to order the Borka Tools MG6 Torque Driver Kit.

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