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Bought two new knives this week


Average Guy
They are nothing really special though.

First was a BUCK 119 with leather sheath (not ballistic nylon) new from a local store. Blade date is 2020 so I was surprised that it wasn't a 2021. It has a very nice 420HC blade with Buck's famous heat treating. Some say it is like a more rust resistant 1095 steel. Not the greatest steel in the knife world but fine for me. The blade is hollow ground 5.15" and it comes shaving sharp and re-sharpens with ease. It is a timeless classic of fixed blade knives. Chances are pretty good that some of you had grandfathers who owned this same knife. It first came out in 1950 and has remained almost completely unchanged over the years. It is Made in USA and carries the Buck Forever Warranty.

And second is a Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 with Zytel sheath. It gets here tomorrow, hopefully. It is supposed to be a beast with a 5.25" blade that is 1/4" thick and it weighs a pound. It is made 100% in Olean, NY. I'm not really sure why I got it other than I have had a small yearning for one for a few years. I mean, it's a quarter-inch thick for god's sake!!!
The beefiest and heaviest knife that I have is a Buck 184.

Sounds like your knife set will be able to be counted on for most anything a man could come up against.
The beefiest and heaviest knife that I have is a Buck 184.

Sounds like your knife set will be able to be counted on for most anything a man could come up against.

Eh, they were not necessities, or for any special use. I just wanted them. I like fixed blades a lot, particularly if they are under $100...... :)
I'd never use the 184 as was intended either.

I'm pretty certain that I'm probably over the weight limit of the grappling hook anyway.

I always kept small razor sharp knives for cutting things, but I kept a 4” Buck for opening oil cans and cutting (dirty, abrasive) rubber hoses . . . General work that did not involve precise cutting.

Gee . . . how long has it been since oil came in paper and steel cans? 1976 maybe?
I would carry a K-bar (which is actually a Camallus) but it is not legal, concealed, in town. I don’t want to carry a visible combat knife while shopping.
When the Ka-Bar Becker comes today I have some errands in town to do, so I am going to wear bib overalls and a belt around my waist underneath the coveralls just so I can concealed carry that effin' beast.

Ooooops, Kathy on the FedEx site and it says it is "Out for Delivery" by USPS, so that means it has changed actual delivery over to the USPS. Maybe FedEx is just taking it to the post office today and I get it tomorrow. And there is no way to check the status of USPS. Grrrrrrrr
Don't know about yours, but our post office will often hand your packages over the counter if you go in and ask and if they don't have to dig through 2 piles the size of mount everest to get to it.

FWIW, I've been wearing bib overalls for a long time now and have almost stopped wearing pants altogether except on special occasions and funerals.
I've got a BK-7 and its as beefy as my Ontario bayonet. Its a beast.

The nylon sheeth it came with, not so much. I upgraded it to a custom Kydex sheeth.
I found the included sheath to be a complete POS. The belt loop would need a belt 5-1/2" wide to keep it from flopping around. It's a joke.

And once inserted into the hard nylon sheath I could BARELY pull it back out without fearing for my own life. I drilled out a rivet and now it is easy to draw but still clicks in securely.

Still, I just ordered a $50 horizontal cross-draw leather sheath, which I think is BS on a hundred dollar knife.

Fun knife, but the sheath is going in the trash.

At least in the summer…

I’m trying to remember, but it seems like since I retired I’ve only worn a necktie or a leather belt maybe one time. We had a fancy Christmas party two years back before the Covid.

Otherwise I have become very rural about my dress and very fond of less laundry to do.

My “business clothes” are gathering dust in the back of a closet.
I ordered this cross draw sheath to replace the complete POS that comes with the knife. No complaints so far about the knife. I'll get pics when the sheath arrives.