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Brand New Rifle w/ bullet feeding issuies


Copper BB
I have a new unfired Patriot in 308 that i just mounted the scope on. I have some issues with loading the ammunition. I was at a buddys house mounting the scope and he was explaining various types of his 308 bullets. As i go cycle the bullet it does not even chamber in fully and gets stuck. I am not able to fully close the bolt We tried all different 308 bullets and here is what fits and does not fit based on what we had .

PPU Match 168g/ Did Not fit/Cycle
M.A.L 7.62 (mil surplus)/ Did not Fit/Cycle
Remingtion CoreLock 150g/ Fit but little tight/snug closing bolt
Winchester Match 168g/ Fit
Hordany Whitetail 150g/ Fit

All these fit both in his and his brothers savage rifles in 308.

Im going to call mossberg tomorrow and see what they think. Is it because its a unfired? is there a break in?Any input will much be appreciated.
If none of the bullets would close the bolt, my bet is that the chamber is incorrectly cut.

Meaning, short chambered provided there are no obstructions in the barrel.
Did you have the mag out with one in the camber. I've had issue with every Magpul mag i had to clip some loops out of the springs to smooth out the actoin.
I had this issue with my Patriot .308 Walnut Vortex. I did a lot of experimenting with it using different types of ammo and reported my results to Mossberg. The replaced my magazine and that solved the problem. Good luck and enjoy your rifle.
Mine feed inconsistently. It almost never fed from from a fully loaded 5 round magazine. It would usually feed with just four rounds loaded in the magazine though. Most likely cause was a weak magazine spring that wouldn't lift the round high enough for the pointy end to line up with the bore. The bolt would strip the round from the magazine just fine, and it would advance it forward toward the chamber, but the round would hit the breach just below the bore.

I can only assume that the spring was the fault with the original magazine but the new magazine solved the problem. If what I described sounds like your problem, I would contact Mossberg about replacing the magazine for you.

If known good, factory rounds can't be hand loaded into the chamber, there is obviously another issue and the rifle should be returned to Mossberg.