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Brought out some fun guns for some range time


Average Guy
As you may know, I have given up shooting heavy recoiling long guns.

That gave me the motivation to bring out some really fun rifles. I have a 150-yard range at home with steel and paper and clay pigeon stands. All I have to do is drive down the driveway and go shooting on my own property, which sure makes it convenient. :)

Three lever rifles went out with me yesterday: A Marlin Golden 39A, a Henry .44 Magnum lever, and a Henry .357 Magnum lever. Recoil is almost nil, and boy are they fun!!! I love lever guns. Of course I had to shoot Magnums, and also Specials which are like shooting with no recoil. I also took the Ruger MkIV and that pistol is a ton of fun to shoot and I have a lifetime supply of .22LR to use up.

I reload my hard cast powdercoated bullets, so a box of 50 centerfire ammo cost me about $4.50 or less

I am so glad that I have such options for the years ahead.

Thanks for listening.

Dave <nitesite>
Dave, one thing that you should do often is to find someone else to fire off some of those old paper shells we both bought so you can simply enjoy the smell!

Reminds me of days gone by before all this plastic stuff.

Best Wishes and Regards Brother

I have been very fond of my .357 Henry lever gun. I think it’s actually more accurate with .38 specials though.

I made a bunch of wad cutters for it with a little mold from Lee, and they shoot fine, but ya gotta jiggle the gun to feed them.

This is one of those rounds that’s easy to load and easy to shoot.

All the stuff that I loaded and stashed away for future fun was just lubed with Lee lube. I did buy some red powder, but as of yet I have never powder coated a single bullet.
We have a Henry 327 mag. That thing is fun to shoot and very light recoil. You need to cast bullets to get the best out of it as factory bullets are limited.