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Busse, Scrap Yard, and Swamp Rat blades.....

Scrap Yard S6
SR77 steel
Real nice collection ya got there sumoj275...

Not sure where you live... can you wear / carry these blades on your belt and walk down the street without being looked at weird or molested by law enforcement ?

In Pennsylvania, we're pretty easy going when it comes to open carry of firearms and knives...only time I really have to consider what to carry is when I go into Philadelphia...where I could be stopped and question by Philly PD if I have a sheathed knife at my side.

Here's a few of my favorites...first two have sheaths...the rest are pocket folders.






The laws in Oklahoma are pretty vague and left up to local municipalities and individual officers. One thing we can not carry is double edged, automatics, or balisongs. I often carry small fixed blades and they don't get the OMG reaction. When I am out in the field or country side the reactions are different--"Can I see what you are carrying, can I hold it," etc.
I am leaving for my week shift at the plant so when I get home I will try to post more pics. The largest knife is the one that is on this months issue of Blade Magazine, the SOS-NMFBM with a 11.5" blade at .285" thick, it is a BEAST!!! Oh these are all Busse Combat. Might as well add one more pic of my favorite knives I have ever seen and or owned. 2nd pic is of the NUKED-SFNO (serrated spine) and the Fusion Fury. The Fury has a 8.25" blade and is .318" thick, I love this knife.



You won't have to worry about sitting those down somewhere and not being able to find them...
Actually that is one of the reasons I had to have them. The grips on these are G-10 and will out last any natural material like bone, wood and antler. I dropped a small knife on conrete and it landed right on the grip plate in -10"F weather and to my disbelief it was not chipped or damaged anyway. :D I also like Canvas Micarta but prefer the G-10. After I plow through some firewood and stick the knife in a log it's easy to do a fast look around and spot it. Oh I have a bunch that is Coated (subdued) but the Satin finish are easier to maintain.
So step dad gets a new knife for Christmas....I got a Soda Stream.....ok mom knows when it comes to buying me weapon oriented gifts its either just hand over the cash or give up. Anyways, the knife in question came from Swamp Rat Knife Co. I have to admit I was impressed with how it looked and felt, checked out their website and yes they are expensive but knowing little to nothing about them I figured I would ask you all.
Yes, the soda stream works great, requires no electricity or batteries and in my opinion will be a good home based SHTF addition.