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C. Schlieper Eye Brand


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Hi peeps. I need a little help.

My son in law gave me a knife a few or several months ago. I didn’t look at it much until a couple weeks ago and as of tonight I’m really noticing the detail.

It’s entirely non descript really. Nothing looks at all special. It looks like a common boot knife, like a short dagger, narrow crossguard, simple leather sheath. The sort of thing that you can find in any flea market or at a county fair vendor.

I noticed a couple weeks ago that it actually has a really nice edge on both sides. Tonight I noticed it also has a pretty decent weight to it and the edges have a good lookin and nicely defined bevel. I also realized it’s a full tang, not a rat tail tang, and that the guard looks like silver. It’s slightly tarnished. It may not be.

It got more interesting as I noticed the mark on it. C. Schlieper and it has an “eye and sun” above the name. These aren’t stamped and are more like etched. Acid etched or whatever. Laser engraved? I have no idea. On the other side it simply says “stainless”. No country of origin.

As best as I’m able to tell, the “eye brand” logo (used by Carl Schlieper) has been around for quite a while in various forms and began in regular use sometime in the 70s. The company filed for bankruptcy and was liquidated and later started back up in Solingen Germany in maybe the early 90s. The eye brand has continued.

Of note as well, the grip pins also seem to be silver and the grip scales look like a dark brown wood, but they have an appearance more like micarta once you get past the sheen.

I’ll get some pics tomorrow. It’s too late now to mess with it now. I searched images and I can’t find anything that looks like this. None of the boot knives look like this one does.

Anyone know anything about these or how to find more info?
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Although I don't have anything helpful to contribute, I'll say it looks like a pretty decent blade. Did you inquire where he got it?
Although I don't have anything helpful to contribute, I'll say it looks like a pretty decent blade. Did you inquire where he got it?

I asked him. He got it at a pawn shop and knows nothing more about it.
I picked up three knives at an auction yesterday. One is a Carl Schlieper, about 8 thumbnail_IMG_20180731_191157014.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20180731_191244111.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20180731_191326670.jpg inches total length with a stag handle and sheath. The other two are a buck 110 folder with sheath, and a 191 with sheath. The knives need some tlc.
I think I got lucky. The knives were in a box with some holsters and ammo. When the auctioneer took them out no one seemed to notice except one other fella. I ended up getting all three and the leather sheaths for$105. I think the sheaths alone are worth at least $40.
I googled Carl Schlieper Eye Brand Knives. I saw a picture very similar to yours but no info.wish I could have found more.
The little bit of digging I’ve been able to do, has led me to believe the fixed blade knives were made under the eye brand logo between the 70s and 90s and one source says the fixed blades were originally only sold in Europe. This is just anecdotal here say at this point though.