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Camo~ patterns and techniques for firearms, bows and gear

Yeah, quite simply, I'm impressed.

After I get the stock done and the matte clearcoat and everything applied, I'm going to take it up on the mountain for a "where's waldo" picture.
Where's waldo?


Too hard? It's really there.

Maybe this different photo will be a little easier?

Good job. I was afraid the top photo would be too hard.

I think the pattern would be even more effective when all the bushes and trees weren't dormant.

Anyone else have any guesses on the top one?
Oooooo games!

Have a meeting in a few then I'll take a serious look.
Yeah, ya got me on the first pic. Trying to zoom in on the smartphone makes it to grainy to see an outline.
To make it a little more fair, the gun is not on the ground covered up with leaves.
There are a couple of possibles but I can't determine anything definitively
Here's the answer.

I hung it in the tree on the right of the photograph by its' sling.


And if you still can't see it, here is an extreme closeup


Pretty dog gone good camo pattern to not see it 10 feet away. :thumbsup:
I still cant find it in the pic as posted. Your version is much higher res.
I looked at that spot pretty hard several times, and also on the next tree to the left. I couldn't identify it for sure, so I didn't pull the trigger..... pun intended. Lol
My apologies. I'm using a 20" monitor on my desktop. Using a phone would be a lot more difficult.


I do think that would be a really good camo for my area.

Traditionally, I have been a huge fan of natural gear camo, and it works good.

But dang if the strata doesn't have it beat.
I've been in the process of de-tacticalizing my 500 for a while.

At this point, I have a lot of it dipped, but for whatever reason, the receiver is going to have to be sanded down and re-done because the front section of the receiver just didn't take for some reason ????? And as a result, I may not have enough film to finish this without having to order another batch of film. :doh:

I also won't have the plastic stock ordered until tomorrow so I still have that to do too.

But, Lord willing, I will get it done eventually. I've never been known to be a quitter.

Another one being done in my long time favorite, Natural Gear camo.

I was thinking about realtree hardwoods, but the pattern below is more versatile year round. The realtree is more "seasonal" from a lack of better term where I live.

natural gear camo 002.JPG

natural gear camo 004.JPG

I took that picture up at the cabin. That's the shooting lane I cleared out for deer and yote hunting.
That's awesome John!!