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Choke thread installation on Mossberg 500 Scorpion


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Hello Mossberg experts.
I am from Germany and would like to use my Mossberg 500 Scorpion for steel target shooting. Unfortunately, the scattering circle at 15 meters (50 feet) is so large that the steel targets don't fall over - probably due to the short 18,5" cylinder barrel.
At 10 meters, it still works fine. I'm using 24g 2,4mm Trap ammunition which is the standard here in Germany with 15 meters distance.
Do you have any helpful ideas on how to come up with a solution at a reasonable cost? E.g. have a choke thread milled afterwards or exchange the barrel for one with interchangeable chokes for example? However, I can't find a short barrel on the Mossberg homepage with a choke thread.

Selling and buying another shotgun is very complicated in Germany with permits, etc., so it could be financially worthwhile to modify the shotgun as long as the costs are kept within limits.
Thank you for any ideas
You can sent a barrel to a gunsmith which ran anywhere from $90 to $150 the last I checked, or you can buy the tools to do it yourself.

I did this and it cost me about $250 in tools. I did several barrels so the cost per barrel came out much cheaper than paying someone else to do them.
It should as long as you have the 5 round msgazine tube.
I was fortunate to have a friend who let me borrow his tools and I threaded two of my barrels. It's not hard, but you have to take your time and keep the cutter tool cool and well lubed. It took me around 35 or 40 minutes per barrel using a cordless drill and stopping about 10 seconds to clean the cutter and so it didn't get hot.

You'll be lucky to find an 18" threaded factory barrel though in my opinion. I've heard rumors about them existing, but I've never seen one in person. I guess they're as common as unicorns.
Thanks for all your replies. The 20" barrels all seem to have a vent rib - I can't use that with the Scorpion and the heat shield. Also new barrels cost around 400 EUR in Germany. I talked to my dealer who talked to a gunsmith and milling a choke thread into the existing barrell would also cost around 300-400 EUR including all paperwork, fees and mandatory shot tests by officials. As mentioned - gun laws are maximum complicated and parts are 50-100% more expensive than in the U.S.
And even then I don't know if new chokes will do the job on 15 meters steel plates :)
Anyway - I guess I have to try to sell the gun, get new paperwork and buy another one which will take me around 3-6 months of time. In the meanwhile I'll have fun with my Sig P320 and my 9mm carbine that is also allowed on steel plates here.
I prefer VR barrals myself but have no use for a heat shield. I shoot very high with non VR barrels due to the taper of the barrel if I actually try to aim with the bead.

Something else i forgot to mention above, putting a choke tube in a standard taper barrel does not leave much material for the bead to screw into. A thicker walked barrel may work better. A VR eliminates that issue.

I cut a 24" turkey barrel for my 930 down to about 20" and it worked great.
MikeD is correct about how thin the barrels are at the threads on most traditional barrels, unless you're using a thick barrel (think 590), or especially a vent rib works great.

You can still put a new bead on the barrel, but if you're using a traditional barrel, you'll want to move it back far enough behind the muzzle that the new bead isn't protruding down into the new choke.
“Thanks for all your replies. The 20" barrels all seem to have a vent rib - I can't use that with the Scorpion and the heat shield.”
If I’m not mistaken you can remove all the ATI stuff (heat shield, side rails, top rail, etc.). Then you will just have the standard 18.5” barrel and standard M500 receiver. You can swap to the 20” barrel with the vent rib and the chokes. It sucks that it is so expensive in Germany but at least you can own them and shot them!