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COAST Product Review: Lights, Multi-tools, Knives

Alright, the video is the same, but I purchased the song "In The House, In A Heartbeat" by John Murphy from 28 Days Later to incorporate into the vid! IMHO... in taking artistic liberty with the song and making my own music video, it turned out sweet! We'll see if I did everything right so YouTube leaves it up... Please enjoy the video!

Hey, I just realized (and maybe it has been mentioned before) the lights are CNC machined aluminum! How cool is that!

Coast Rapid Response Knives;

I have a few of the Coast knives I have been using for some time now! The Rapid Response knives are spring asssisted with a roller bearing that rides the spring. They started out pretty tight but have broken in and open smooth and QUICKLY!!!

From Coast's site;
S.A.T.™ SMOOTH ASSIST TECHNOLOGY: S.A.T.™ uses its friction-reducing roller-bearing design to allow the blade to open quickly but smoothly while reducing spring load on all internal blade-assist components. When the spring moves the blade out of the handle, it rides on the roller bearing, allowing the blade to open smoothly and quickly—without requiring tremendous spring force. MAX-LOCK™: The Max-Lock™ is a safety button on the side of the knife’s handle that can lock the blade in both the open and closed positions.

This one is Allisons;
■Blade length: 3.00 in.
■Overall length open: 7.00 in.
■Weight: 3.70 oz.
■Blade material: High-carbon stainless steel
■Handle material: Fiberglass-filled textured nylon
■Black oxide coated


These are mine. This one stays on my vest;
■Blade length: 3.90 in.
■Overall length open: 8.75 in.
■Weight: 4.80 oz.
■Blade material: High-carbon stainless steel
■Handle material: Fiberglass-filled textured nylon


And this next one has become my EDC,
■Blade length: 3.00 in.
■Overall length open: 7.00 in.
■Weight: 3.70 oz.
■Blade material: High-carbon stainless steel
■Handle material: Fiberglass-filled textured nylon


They have other knives I'd like to get eventually, like a couple nice fixed blade knives, but I've been real happy with these thus far and they were reasonably sharp out of the box!
Just a quick update.

I've been using the heck out of my knife! I did finally have to sharpen it. All it took was a couple passses to restore a pretty decent edge on it and a couple more and its darn near razor sharp!

I've had knives in the past that I love to look at and would enjoy more thoroughly if they would hold an edge, or even just take an edge! Functionally, the Coast knives are pretty sweet with a smooth roller action that both take and hold an edge!

The pretty knives that arent functional go to "the box" with the rest of "the stuff".
Rossignol said:
I got mine today the TX40, as well as the remote pressure tape switch and picatinny rail mount!

Wow! I love it! The light features a tail cap switch with momentary on, and the pressure switch replaces the tail cap and works the same way. It takes little pressure to function, but it isnt overly sensitive. I already have it on my 590A1, I used the supplied velcro with adhesive backing.

Just gettin everything out of the box!


The picatinny rail mount.




I opted to mount the pressure switch on my AFG, my fingers naturally fall over the switch and the light is on with gentle pressure!


I have already experimented a little and with the Coast light mounted forward of my forend via a CDM Gear MT 3 slot rail, there is virtually no shadow cast from the 590A1's 20" muzzle. Additionally, I can still see my Meprolight tritium bead on my side of the light! I'm impressed!

Hey Rossignol,
Sorry for bringing your old post to life, but I really like this setup and I was wondering if it would work on my 500 Blackwater Edition, standard 18.5" barrel and standard foregrip. What do you have the picatinny mount attached to? . Please let me know :geek: Also, how you do feel about having the light mounted to the side of the barrel? I was thinking I would go with an over/under style mount, but if my options are limited with the Coast light I'll make an exception to mount it to the side.
I think something like this could work on an 18 1/2" barrel.

Ill try and answer two questions at once here;
The picatinny is attached to and came with the CDM Gear Mount. Mine is the MT mount and I'm not certain these are being made anymore. However there are several very good options available from CDM as a platform for mounting a light which should meet your criteria given the room available on the magazine tube and barrel. My MT mount is actually on the magazine tube. My options were very limited with the heavy barrel of the 590A1 and the MT was a perfect fit for the gun and my needs. The picatinny rail, while part of the mount on the magazine, is raised so it rests between the barrel and magazine tube. It also has a QD push button sling point, but I know CDM has mounts now with integrated loops. I know it looks as if the Coast light mount is attached to the barrel, but its on that elevated rail and then the Coast mount offsets it in a way that the light is somewhat below the magazine tube.


I really really like the mount with the rail between the barrel and magazine. I like the combination I have and since putting it together haven't had any desire to change it.

Let me know if I've answered your questions or not! ;)
Def take a look at CDM! I was just on his site again and he has several fairly new offerings! Especially for mossbergs!

I like a few of the clamps and last time I talked to Scott, a couple of these things were still in the concept and design phase.

Take a look on the "product" page. Check out the MTR and MTC especially. These were designed to address a couple issues specific to OFM shotguns if I recall correctly conversations with Scott. They are of a slim design and will fit in as little as a 1/2" of space. That solves the issue of limited room between the forend and magazine lug.

I've been a fan of CDM Gear for a long time, from very early on in his career. I can't recommend his stuff highly enough and combined with the Coast Products, both have exceeded my expectations and have been rock solid. I haven't gone lightly on either of these. My gun has been packed into the back of a car, dragged through fields, left layin outside, carried in the rain, dropped or thrown, and packed up again. And never in a case. It rests next to my bed and despite a strong disposition towards never cleaning, it functions without fail, including the light.
Thanks for the recommendation on the CDM Gear mounts and Coast products. I purchased the Coast TX40 flashlight and received it yesterday and I was very impressed. I love that the flashlight was shipped in a small, personalized box, set in to a foam mold, and included both a sheath and the batteries. The TX40 is extremely bright and appears to be very well made. I immediately filled out the "survey" advertised with the product to receive my free G10 LED flashlight from Coast (Only have to pay $3.50 shipping) which I plan on giving to my girlfriend so she has a high quality flashlight as well.
I can't express how happy I am with this purchase, and my decision to go with a Coast tactical flashlight. I give this product two thumbs up! :D :D :D
Thanks for the feedback and I am glad you are enjoying their lights.
Time for an update here too!

I don't have the TX40s anymore. Not cuz I didn't like them, but I sold the firearms and they went as a packaged deal. One was on my rifle and one had settled on my 500 Persuader. In either case both always performed as I expected and were solid.

I got to where I didn't care for the tape switch. I was initially very happy with it but in short time, the supplied hook and loop panel (the self adhesive side that attached to the firearm, forend, etc) kept coming loose. Despite cleaning the AFG I had attached it to, it seems as if it never was really sticky enough. I finally used a drop of super glue. After a while, I abandoned it altogether. I would still prefer the remote tape switch but it would have to be in some other form. A tape switch that has fallen off the spot you left it would render the light useless in an event in which you needed it.

Another aspect of the remote tape switch I began to dislike was the cord. It was a straight cord and I believe is pictured above. It wasn't a "phone cord" styled cord for those who remember when phones still had those. I believe the last time I used one would have been in the very early nineties. For the tape switch to be accessible on a shotgun in particular, the cord has to have something of a loop in it with the action in battery. It caused something of catch hazard. It wasn't often that it did but the few times was enough. I eventually did away with the switch and moved the light to the other side so I could function it with my thumb. Easy enough.

As for the lights themselves, I have no issues. I still have a couple of Coast Pruducts lights and they see regular use. These days they get used to check on chickens and get them locked up for the night when they go to bed and I use them almost nightly when the old basset hound growls and bays. We have feral cats that have totally gone native, as well as other varmints and coyotes. So while not mounted, I can hold the light in one hand and cycle the action on a 28" Winchester!

Keep good batteries in them and they work exceptionally everytime!

Oh, on the larger light, the HP17. The thing is big and heavy and the beam looks like a light saber that reaches the clouds. However, with the head rotated to a focused beam, I imagine it leaves room between the batteries and the activation switch, and the function will bounce from high to strobe to low.

It's kinda weird and somedays it's just easier to keep the head screwed in to a flood beam. Now the other that I still have is the HP7 and it too has the high,strobe, and low functions with a focused and flood beam. It doesn't have the same issues.

The HP7 is a larger tube diameter than the TX40s for what it's worth.

In closing, I really like the Coast Products lights. Some minor issues, nothing insurmountable. Just depends what you feel like dealin with and knowing this stuff will hopefully be helpful in making an informed decision.
I first used the Coast Products lights late in 2011. Around the time I last updated, and had sold a couple firearms and the lights with them. I got one of those firearms back a couple of few years ago, with the light. The light is the TX40.

I had a few other. HP17, HP7, and one of the headlamps.

The TX40 remains a solid fixed beam light. It’s been abused a lot over the years. Just needs good batteries every now and then. I still really like it. It isn’t mounted these days but is still used regularly.

The issue I had with the HP17, with enough wiggle to allow the light to jump between modes. The same thing did happen to the HP7 shortly after I last updated. Both of those lights were awesome. When they were working. Neither has been in use for more than a few years now.

Another I have is a headlamp. It’s been a really cool light. Adjustable beam from floor to focus, and adjustable brightness. It was made in a weird in between time in technology. It’s an LED light with a fixed rechargeable battery pack built in. While USB android type charging cords existed along side of standard size rechargeable batteries, this light uses the near Paleolithic dc converter box charger.

The headlamp is on its way out. It no longer charges. I’ve replaced the charger and nothing. It’s nearly dead and I use it every night. For hunting to closing the barn and making sure all the animals are in. Additionally, the carriage that holds the actual body of the light, cracked recently. So I haven’t been able to adjust where the beam points in awhile.

The TX40 will soon be the last of my Coast lights. I’ll replace the headlamp but I’m going with a Petzl. It can use a Petzl rechargeable battery pack, standard AAAs, lithium AAAs, or rechargeable AAAs.