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Coming out of retirement......


.270 WIN
So a couple weeks back, LaurenM.1 send me a message on the Facebook (I call it "the Facebook", because she says it makes me sound old), asking if I've ever shot a bow. I told her yeah, I used to be big into it like 20 years ago, before her mom and I got together.
Turns out, they were doing archery in gym class and she fell in love with it.
So, I explained to her. Getting into archery is like skiing or snowboarding. You can just go buy one, and maybe it'll be good for you. Or, you can go to an archery shop, try a couple bows that are set up just for you, and have a better experience. She agreed, and the condition was that it was an early Christmas gift, because let's face it, good stuff ain't cheap. We set aside last Saturday and went to a new shop nearby. She tried a compound that was set up for her, but I think she was a little intimidated by the accessories on it. She tried a couple recurves, and decided on a Bear Bullseye, with a 25lb draw weight. Some carbon arrows, a glove and a little pink hip quiver later, and she's set up. Her shooting is super consistent, but she needs to shoot to get her bow shooting where her eyes are looking. One thing I really like about the Bullseye, is that it is drilled and tapped on the side for an accessory mount (bow quiver and a sight). It's also drilled and tapped for a good arrow rest and a cushion plunger, which we'll add when she wears out the plastic stick on rest it came with.


And you know, you can't let a kid get I to something like this by themselves. I gave my old golden eagle bow a once-over and found it had a limb that was starting to delaminate. I was afraid to even pull it back for fear that it'd break. I don't have much in the good looks department, but a compound bow wheel to the face wouldn't do me any favors.

So I bought a bow. Told the kids it was my Christmas from them. It's a Bear Crux. Quad limb, two cams. Got the RTH package, 2015 model. Set at like 63 pounds right now. Trophy ridge sight, quiver, stabilizer, string silencer, sling, and a whisker biskit arrow rest (the jury is still out.... I know plenty of guys who like them, and plenty who don't. I like that I'd have to try to make the arrow make noise in the rest, but don't like that I don't see how you could possibly paper-tune a bow with an arrow rest that the fletching on the arrow has to go thru).
I got some Beman 340 pork chop carbon arrows to go with it, and a Scott "shark" release.
I've found that between the "new" shooting techniques with these new bows (shooting from "the back wall" of your draw, rather than in the valley like I used to), the much steeper string angle caused by the shorter cam to cam length (this one is a tick over 30" I believe, while my golden eagle and pro line "point blank" were both like 42-44"), and shooting with a mechanical release (I find myself slapping the trigger, shotgun style, instead of a gentle touch waiting for a "surprise break", rifle/pistol style), it sure feels like I'm learning a different sport than I used to know.

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For, the shorter bows are harder to be consistent with due to the string angle. I feel my head is tilted forward too much to get my nose on the string. My hunting bows are 33" while my target bows are 37" and 40".

Paper tuning a WB for field points is easy but broadhead tuning as been a pita for me. I like the full capture but my shooting style doesn't lend itself to hunting with a WB.

As for slapping the trigger, that is all mental. Get close to the target (5') and close your eyes at full draw. Concentrate on not punching the trigger but executing a smooth squeeze. This takes the target out of the picture and lets your mind focus on executing the shot.

It's a lot like riding a bike. If you've done it long enough it will all come back to you with practice. Enjoy.
I feel EXACTLY the same way with the string angle. I feel like I have to either crane my neck forward to get to the kisser/peep, or keep my head upright and bend my bow elbow a little to bring the bow back towards me.

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Travis, does the school have an archery team?

My oldest used to be on the school team, at least his freshmen year (the last year they offered it).