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Compound Bow: Pics and Discussion


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Have any questions about Compound Bows? Is there a particular model you like to use? Let's see some pics and discussion...
My current compound setup is a Hoyt xTec with a QAD Ultra rest and TruGlo sight.

I don;t have any current pics. I'll try to get some soon.

This is an older pic. Since this pic, and I will try this week to have an updated pic, I cleaned up the case, re-strung and cabled the bow added a dozen Gold Tip 32 inch Trophy Hunter 400 HP arrows with a half dozen Grizzly 125 grain broad heads, a broad head wrench and a dozen 100 grain field tips. Already had a few 125 grain field tips and a few razor broad heads with chisel tips and a 4 arrow removable quiver

Parker Extreme Ultra-Lite 2.9 pound bare weight, 70 pound 29 inch draw 80% let off 31 inch axle to axle with Limbsaver stabilizer, fall away arrow rest and 4 vane peep sight.

Used Goat Tough to glue the inserts. About 10 seconds to set, so ya gotta work it fast. Stress tested all the arrows and the inserts by flexing and using the broad head wrench.

I bought it from a buddy that needed some money. Looked a little ragged when I bought it but now she's just about as pretty as a new penny.

Wore my A$$ out after firing only 7 arrows. If I could get used to this, I'd be ready to do some real mountain climbing again.

Might want to add some string leeches as I didn't put the old ones back on when I got it restrung.

More pics to come. I promise.
Thanks. I used a black plastic spray finish to renew the foam in the case and it turned out great. I probably don't need it. I was thinking of selling it for around $500 and offering it for trade at the gun show. I know its a real nice piece to own but I have to face it, I'm starting to get a bit old.
I have an old proline hurricane from high school. I'll get pix this weekend.
If you shoot it well, it's a keeper!
OK, here's some pics of my current setup





I have tried and tried to tune this rest but I cannot stop the vanes from hitting it (note the yellow streaks on the rest). It still shoots great and I love the way it holds the arrow when locked up.




I bought this release from WalMart about 15-20 years ago and it's still my favorite for hunting and 3D.


This is a Stan back tension release I use when I want to attack spots on an indoor target.

The arm on the front is an Insane Archery camera mount. It works pretty good. It captured my arrow missing a turkey quite well back in the spring. LOL
Back in my shooting days at an indoor range, I used to have to duck for cover every once in a while due to some knucklehead accidentally triggering the release while drawing his bow pointed up at the roof. Carbon fiber arrows and concrete ceiling don't work well together...
I just inherited this 1985 Darton Model 70 M.


This is my first bow and I'll be the first to admit that I have no clue about how to properly use it. lol
I've always wanted to get into archery, but I'm not sure this is the bow to do it with. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to it. I.e: frayed strings and broken and/or bent brackets, guides, etc. Any ideas where I can find out whether or not this thing is even worth fixing?
ImAShrimp, that's a nice Darton. Darton makes a nice bow. The first compound I had was a Darton SL-30 and I still think it was one of the smoothest shooting bows I've ever owned. They still make bows. I think I heard that they make the wheels/cams for Hoyt or on of the other major manufacturers as well. Personally I think their bows are underrated by most.

That said, yours is an older model and it is a little harder to find parts for it. My biggest concern would be the cable system. The weak points were the teardrops where the string attaches. Over time the cables would corrode/rust and the teardrops would fail, usually during firing. All of your newer bows have replaced these with the flast flight sting cables, but they require different wheels/cams.

I tried to find replacments for the last bow I had that came equipped with that type of cable setup and was unable to find anything except used ones that were just as iffy as the ones I had. Fortunaterly at the time I was able to find someone that could fit it with a flast flight system.

If you have an archery tech in your area that you can trust or someone you know that has experiece with older bows I would let them have a look at it to make sure it is still safe.
This is my hunting bow. 2006 Pearson Bulldog 70 lb. 31 7/8" ATA. 445 gr. arrow @ 275 fps at 68 lbs. = 74.74 ft lbs. of energy and very quiet. This is an old photo from 2008. I don't have a current photo but the sight and rest are the same. This bow has put alot of venison in the freezer over the years and I have no plans to ever sell it. I shoot Carbon Express Terminator Hunter 45-60's with Wasp Boss SST heads.

Broadheads @ 42 yds.

This is my 3D rig. 2007 Pearson Passion II. 70 lb. 38" ATA. The bow is set @ 65 lbs. I have broken 400 several times with this bow. It still looks brand new as it never sees a rainy day. This is an older photo as well and has had a few accessory changes. I shoot Gold tip X-Cutters on calm days and Carbon Express CX 200's on windy days. In the photo it is set up for hunting and has rubber all over it. Most of the rubber has been stripped off for 3D. It is still really quiet.

Carbon Express CX 200's @ 40 yds.

I shoot alot and have owned several different brands over the years. I settled on Pearson because the cost/performance balance was the best I could find. I don't believe in spending $800-900 on a bow just because an ad says I should.

My boy shoots a 2010 Bear Apprentice and my daughter shoots a 25 lb. Sammik recurve.
Nice! I had a Pearson target bow many years ago and it was a smooth shooter.
I am not a big fan of their newest stuff. They have been pretty spotty over the last couple of years. When I do decide to buy a newer bow, I probably will go shoot as many different ones as I can and decide then. I can tell you it will not be a Mathews, Hoyt or Bowtech. I have shot them all and they are not worth the price tag. Nice bows, just not worth the money. I started out on PSE and have owned several. I might find a nice 1 or 2 year old and go with that. Who knows? There alot of good bows out there. :)
I am in no hurry to buy as I have not gotten to shoot much 3D or hunt much in the last couple of years because of work, so my bows are not wearing out just sitting in the case. I restrung both bows with Vapor Trail strings just a couple of years ago. Probably not 500 shots over either bow so the strings are good. :)
As long as my Pearsons are putting venison in the frezer and being competitive at 3D, I will probably keep shooting them. :D
I had a matthews Conquest II a few years ago, possibly the best compound bow I've ever shot. I'm shooting a Hoyt now. I agree with the price tags, that's why I've never bouight a "new" bow. I've always bought used.

I've heard good things about the new Bear bows and Darton has always been underrated IMHO. My first bow was a Darton and I loved it. PSE had some issues for a while, the word at the range was that PSE stood for Parts Spread Eveywhere, but from what I've heard, they have increased quality a lot in the last several years. Many of the people I saw bashing them are now shooting them.
LOL! I heard it was "Pull, Shoot, Explode." Too funny!
My PSE's were both 2004 models. A Quantum and an Enforcer. The Quantum was 39" ATA. The Enforcer was 34" ATA. Both of them had the limb cups that were part of the riser. Nice bows for their day.